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Published on Jan 21, 2015 in AppFutura Tips

AppFutura is proud to present our newest addition to our platform: the AppFutura Mobile App Development Forum.

This new feature is a great step forward for our community of developers, who now have a space to share content they find interesting, start a discussion on a number of mobile world related topics and interact with the AppFutura team and other users directly. At the moment, the forum is of exclusive use for the over 13,000 developers listed on our mobile app development worldwide directory, but it will soon be open to everyone interested in the mobile world. We would like to encourage all our users to take part in this new feature on our platform and we will value their involvement in this. This activity will soon have an effect on our users' development profile and potential clients will be able to see the expertise you share on any discussion you participate in.

We have created three main categories in which you will find a space for different areas within the mobile app development.

The first one, Mobile App Development Platforms, is a space with different forums for each and everyone of the main mobile platforms. In this area, you may share content related to each platform, but also development technical challenges and doubts you have encountered or even custom solutions you came up with to solve a problem on these platforms. You will find the iPhone/iPad Development Forum and the Android Development Forum, but also an access to a list of Other Platforms Development Forums.


The second category is called AppFutura Tips. This is the space where our users will be able to interact with us directly. The General Forum is for our users to start discussions regarding our platform, how it works and the ways they benefit from it. The Troubleshooting and Suggestions Forum should be used to bring up problems within the platform or suggest ways you believe we can improve our service. Finally, we have added a Job Board, a space to post job offers for our users to find a great candidate to fill a position in their company.

Finally, the last main category is Other Mobile App Development Tips. This category includes the Mobile App Market Forum, where you can share news about any existing, new or upcoming products in the mobile market and start discussions about any of them. There is finally the Off-Topic Forum. While this is a more open category to fall under, all discussions started here should still be relevant to the mobile world.

We strongly believe this will be a great new asset for our community and we are open to any suggestions to include new topics to our forum.

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