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Published on Dec 30, 2016 in AppFutura Tips
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New services imply new features. AppFutura presented last May the new Pro account and the new Visibility Packages. We now offer different services for each mobile app development company.

Developers interested in our marketplace can have their own Pro account and enjoy having access to our top quality leads from our manually validated mobile app projects. But what if your mobile app development company just wants some visibility to boost the presence in AppFutura? Then go with the Visibility Packages. And which of these products is the best to get to the top of our ranking? Let us tell you the secret here.

AppFutura's ranking has changed a bit since the implementation of the new accounts. A few months ago, Platinum developers were at the top of our ranking and directories. But now we have divided the platform in two, so being just a Platinum user won't get you to the top.

The new AppFutura ranking system has three levels:

Type of Visibility Package

Mobile app development companies with the Visibility Package Enterprise will appear first, then will come the developers with the Visibility Package Professional. After them, app development companies with Regular visibility will have their place.

Type of Pro account

To ranking the users with the different visibilities, we have in mind the Pro accounts. This way, if you have a Platinum account as well as the Visibility Package Enterprise, you'll appear first, Let us share here the list of combinations and the number of the ranking as per the type of accounts:

  • Platinum+Enterprise
  • Gold+Enterprise
  • Silver+Enterprise
  • Enterprise
  • Platinum+Professional
  • Gold+Professional
  • Silver+Professional
  • Professional
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Regular
Sibers business cases

Your profile

And within this categorization, mobile app developers with the strongest profiles will appear first. This parameter still follows the old rules of our ranking: getting hired, finishing projects and getting ratings, completing your profile, certifications, collaboration on our Forum.

Keep in mind that a complete profile must have all these features listed:

We hope this helps you get the strongest profile on our platform as well as to understand how our new ranking works. In case you have any doubts,

If you have any doubt or question, you can send us an e-mail to clear any doubt you may have.

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