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Published on May 04, 2017 in AppFutura Tips
New Visibility Packages on AppFutura

We are happy to announce a new evolution of our products and services. As you know, AppFutura caters to two distinct areas: Pro Accounts (which affect our marketplace) and Visibility Packages (which affect our directory and your prominence on it).

Essentially, we have remodeled our visibility services and we are now presenting three types of visibility: Medium, High and Full.

What is different?

The first very relevant difference we have implemented is a clear separation between the ranking in our directory and our marketplace. Your visibility and position on the directory will now be very much influenced by the reviews on your profile and how complete they are, as well as how complete your profile is. On the other hand, there will be a new marketplace ranking, considering your activity, your earnings and success rate.

The reason behind this change is quite simple: as we grow more and more, marketplace results were compromising the visibility of those users interested in being featured on our directory, which started to be somewhat unbalanced.

The reviews you get on the marketplace still have a relevance on your visibility (as any other review), but the impact of your earnings on Escrow will now only affect your notoriety within the marketplace and how marketplace clients perceive you.

All of the above allows for a much clearer visibility experience by which all users get a chance at actually being fully featured on the platform.

On top of this, we have added a third visibility option and changed all names to make them easier to refer to. This also allows for a much more interesting distribution of visibility and extended options to create content on our blog and have it promoted.

Types of Visibility Packages

Medium Visibility

Developers with Medium visibility receive an average of 30 direct clicks to their websites, can publish 1 interview or guest post in AppFutura's blog, can add reviews by former clients and are featured in our directory above basic visibility users.

High Visibility

High visibility package users receive 80 clicks per month to their websites, can be interviewed for AppFutura's blog and can also publish one article. All their content will be featured in our social media and include extended paid promotion. They also get a 25% discount for AppFutura's banners. Their company appears featured in our worldwide directory above medium visibility, homepage below full visibility and in the different locations directories they have offices in.

Full Visibility

With the Full Visibility Package, the mobile app development companies receive an average of 120 clicks to their websites, they can post 4 articles per month on our blog and have a 50% discount for our banners. All their content will be featured in our social media and include full paid promotion.Their logo and company profile will appear featured throughout AppFutura. Their company appears featured in our worldwide directory above all other users, our homepage in a premium position and in the different locations directories they have offices in.

If you have any doubt about AppFutura's Visibility Packages, you can contact us at

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