AppFutura Tips: the new categorization of our mobile app projects

Published on Jul 01, 2016 in AppFutura Tips
AppFutura Tips: The new categorization of our mobile app projects

About a month ago we launched new Pro accounts and Visibility Packages for the mobile app development companies listed in our directory. As you might have realized, this is not the only change we've made. Our Projects are no longer Regular, Only for Pro and Only for Certified.

Our validation process for all mobile app projects coming in is thorough so we can make sure they are genuine. We now categorize them into Regular, Silver, Gold and Platinum projects.

The 5 main factors we use to categorize a project are the following:

  • Potential budget of the project.
  • Request for Proposal quality: how complete the description or attachment is.
  • Source of the project: we look into the client and find out if they are an individual, a company, what kind of company, location and so on.
  • Potential for the project to become a long time partnership based on our conversations with the client.
  • Overlapping of the project in other martketplaces: about 80% of projects are only posted on AppFutura, which give them more value.

Moreover, mobile app developers also have to consider that when a client pays to have their project Featured, Urgent, Private or Assisted, the project will automatically become at least Gold, as that is already further and valuable verification.

Therefore, budget is not the only thing to be considered when we categorize the quality of the lead. That's why mobile app development companies might find some higher budget projects categorized as Gold and some lower budget projects as Platinum.

If you have any doubt or question, you can send us an e-mail to clear any doubt you may have.

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