AppFutura Tips: The importance of having updated information on your AppFutura account

Published on Oct 17, 2014 in AppFutura Tips
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As you know, we recently made several changes to make the negotiation and hiring process on AppFutura much more agile. We are happy to see it is giving the expected results and a lot of you have probably noticed the improvements.

However, we have encountered an issue that we have no real control over and it is important that our developers attend to it. A lot of you have outdated information on your profiles, specially when it comes to the email associated with your AppFutura account. Here's a simple list of all the things you will miss out if you don't have the appropriate information:

  • Newsletter: there are more and more projects coming in AppFutura every day. The fastest way to know about them is through our daily newsletter, which you should check out regularly in order to be the first developers in making development proposals.
  • Notifications: even if you make development proposals on projects, you won't know if Project Owners are responding to your request if you don't receive our notifications. We have received several complaints from Project Owners about developers not responding to our messages. How are clients supposed to trust you if you don't offer quick communication?
  • AppFutura recomendations: As a lot of you know, when a Project Owners make deposits for the projects they post, we make an active search to look for great candidates. We encourage candidates to make proposals and make a list of recommended proposals among all the proposals received. This needs to be a fast process, as we make recommendations within 3 business days after the project is posted.
  • General messages from AppFutura: sometimes we need to address all our users in order to tell them about news on our platform. These messages may be quite important to understand new features on our platform, benefit from special offers or getting recommendations from our team to improve your profile.

After all, this matter is up to our users and we cannot do much about it. It is common that developers miss out on opportunities because their account information wasn't updated. There are a number of reasons why this happens: domains change, the employee in charge of the AppFutura account changes and the email used no longer exists, developers create a special account for AppFutura that is only checked one a week... Whatever your reasons are. it is absolutely important that that you keep up to the new speed of the platform. As you all know, mobile app development is a competitive sector and being there first can actually mean getting hired.

Therefore, if you have to update the email account associated to your AppFutura profile, please contact us immediately at

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