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Published on Jun 30, 2015 in AppFutura Tips
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AppFutura has just launched a new user dashboard version. This has been a long time request from our most active users, who often found our messaging tool confusing and our notification system not too efficient.

On the image above, you can also see the main screen of the dashboard: the Summary. Here you will get a glimpse of everything that's going on: all suggested projects, your proposals and works in progress, messages pending to read, completion of your profile and even an overview of your stats.

We have now unified all notifications under the Inbox section. Each notification will however fall under one different category, which will allow our users to definitely filter what issues they want to attend and find notifications a lot more easily.

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For developers (see image above), categories are as follows:

  • Notifications, where you will receive information affecting activity on your profile. The most common case here would be likes received on your profile.
  • Projects and Proposals, where you will receive updates about projects you bid on. Messages falling under this category are changes in project descriptions, a client hiring you or another candidate and a client rejecting your proposal.
  • Messages. This is probably one of the most important ones, since it will help you filter messages from potential and current clients a lot more easily. Moreover, since you can mark messages as read or unread, it is a great way for you never miss an important message.
  • Escrow & Payments. You will be notified when a client deposits a payment on our system and also when they release it. Finally, you will also be notified here when your payment for a Pro Account is complete.
  • Feedback & Ratings, where you will be notified when a client gives AppFutura their opinion about your work with them.

As per Project Owners, categories a little more simple, but let's take a look on them:

  • Project notifications, where you will be able to track the status of your projects. Whenever your project changes status (from submitted to validated, open for proposals to closed and so on), you will be notified here.
  • Proposals, where: all the information regarding the proposals your projects receive.
  • Messages: just like with developers, a tool to have easy access to all messages. Mark as read or unread when you need it.
  • Escrow & Payments, where you will be notified about everything regarding payments on AppFutura. From when you purchase an Upselling for your project or deposit a payment, to a developer requesting the release of a milestone payment and the actual release of such payment.

As always, we made all these updates based on our users' feedback and needs. We hope you find this changes useful, and we would like to hear your thoughts. Send comments, questions or doubts to

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