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Published on Jun 17, 2015 in AppFutura Tips
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The AppFutura ranking system for our worldwide app development directory has just been updated. Given the growth on AppFutura, with more and better projects taking place and more developers getting on board, we decided it was time to revise the way developers are ordered within the platform.

The new system is a lot more well-structured and now our users have a clear vision on how to improve their ranking. Let's go over all the actions that will help you improve (or worsen) your ranking, shall we?

Getting hired

Starting to work through the AppFutura system is definitely one of the most important steps to take to earn a good position on our ranking. The point awarding system in this case will work as the projects you are working on advance and based on the income you have generated. Therefore, the budget of the project will play an important part here: the bigger the project, the bigger the reward on our ranking.

Finishing projects and getting ratings

No work is completed until the client says so. Moreover, there have been cases of projects left in the middle of the process for a number of reasons. Actually completing a project will have an important impact on your ranking as well.

Moreover, the rating a client gives you will play a key part: a 5-star rating will boost your position substantially, but a negative rating will harm your ranking position badly. To complete this feature, there is also an important factor: when a client raises a reasonable complaint against a developer they hired on AppFutura, the AppFutura team registers it in the system. Even if the problem is solved and the project is eventually rated with 5 stars, these complaints will have a rather negative effect.

Being a Pro member

While the visibility on the directory will always be determined by the Pro account you hold, the actual ranking may differ. However, becoming a Pro user will have some effect on your ranking. Most importantly, you will have to consider what each Pro Account offers, as they will also come with different benefits ranking-wise.

Completing your profile

Every single piece of information on your profile will have an effect on your ranking position. The logo, the header image, links to your website and social networks, apps, works... The more complete the better.

Of course, Gold and Platinum users will have a little advantage here: they have an extended profile, which means they can add more info and, therefore, obtain better results on the ranking system. A special mention goes to the Business Cases, the exclusive platinum feature, as they definitely have an important weight.


Gold and Platinum have another distinct characteristic: they may get certified by AppFutura. There are 5 AppFutura Certifications at the moment: Phone/Skype Verified, English Communication Skills, Real Business, Escrow Trusted User and Verified Clients. Each of these separate certifications have an effect as well.

AppFutura Forum

As we have been telling our most active users, being active on our Forum, sharing interesting content, will definitely have an effect on your overall ranking. This is perhaps the most dynamic action to be taken, as it will entirely depend on you being active on this tool. Remember our Forum can be used for sharing your own content or mobile-related news from general media.

So this is it, developers! Now it is time for you to show that you are worthy to be #1 on AppFutura: complete your profile, get hired and earn a reputation on AppFutura.

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