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Published on Jul 21, 2015 in AppFutura Tips

Today we are happy to present one last improvement on AppFutura: a whole new Platform system. The truth is our platform options were rather outdated and needed a revision that is now up and running.

Not only we have taken down some old platforms that didn't make much sense anymore - times change fast! -, but we have added different subcategories for each platform. With this, we have been able to perfect our directory with all the subcategories so all developers appear on the right sections. This way, if a potential client is looking for a very specific service, they'll be able to find you quite easily.

Taking the image above as an example, you can now see what it is like to include Android as one of the platforms you work on. You get to write a specific description about your Android skills, which will help you be well-positioned on the specific Android App Development Directory.

This works the same way for the specific directories on each of the subcategories, which also include specific descriptions. In this case, the new subcategories include Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

The factors that will determine your position on each platform and subcategory directory include:

  1. An specific description on each platform and category.
  2. The number of apps for each platform and category you have on your profile.
  3. The number of projects you work on within AppFutura for each platform and category.
  4. As Platinum users, the platforms and categories of the Business Cases you add on your AppFutura profile.

The new platforms and categories you add will also have an effect on your profile. A new section called 'Services' has been included to all profiles. This will serve the purpose of potential clients getting an idea of what services you provide as a professional developers when visiting your profile. This is also a key factor to take under account when adding descriptions for each of the new platforms. The image below will give you an overview on this new section:


This new Platform system will definitely require some collaboration from our users. However, we are convinced this will be a very useful tool for potential customers to find the right developers. Therefore, if you are a developer eager to be found on our directory, make sure to set up all your new platforms and update your profile accordingly.

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