AppFutura Tips: how to improve your profile to get more mobile app development leads

Published on Feb 19, 2016 in AppFutura Tips

AppFutura offers its developers about 150 projects monthly with budgets from $1K to $50K or more. What to do in order to be rewarded with one of those projects? Have the best profile.

Our developers listed in our directory can keep a regular profile with no further information but the general, with no apps and maybe even without a logo. Of course the mobile app development company can get a lead if the client finds their profile among our 14K developer profiles. But it's not usual. The more complete your profile is, the better. It also helps you to improve your ranking position.

A complete profile allows clients to visit your previous work, it makes them feel more comfortable when they have to communicate with you because they see you have previously developed apps and they have app store reviews or good designs, they can even download your previous apps and see how they work.

Here there are some recommendations to follow so you can get to our Top profile developers as well as increase your chances to get hired:

  • Update your information: we already talked about it in a previous post, but it is very important still. If your company changes the logo, has more employees, changes location or adds more services, you need to update your profile with that information.
  • Add apps, as many as you can: Do you have apps that are not under an NDA? Add them in your profile. Add also the link to the Play Store or App Store, a description and some screenshots. It will make your profile look more professional as well as it is a good way to advertise and give visibility to all the apps you company has developed.
  • Add works: The main difference between Apps and Works is that in Works you only have to add the design part, and it doesn't have to be about apps only, you can add website designs, branding or any other visual material you may have.
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  • The certifications are very important: if you are Gold or Platinum, you have access to certifications. To become certified you only have to schedule a call so we can get to know your company better and state that your company exists. There are some clients that don't want to hire a developer that, for example, doesn't have the Escrow trusted user certification or the Validated clients.
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  • Add a good quality logo and background that fits in the space: If your mobile app development company is going after a project in AppFutura, you'll need to prove your design team is the best, and what better way to do that than with a great logo and a great image in your profile?
  • Your platforms say a lot about your mobile app development company: In your profile you can add as many platforms as you can provide. Keep in mind to add description to all of them so clients know what you can do with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry...
  • Other information: It is also very important to introduce your company to our clients to add your Skill focus, your team members, offices, your company PDF portfolio, videos and certificates.

Your profile is your business card in AppFutura. No need to add a lot of information in your proposal or in your direct messages to our clients if your profile shows all you can do and all you have done (it actually saves you time for every proposal). If you have any doubt about this process you can contact us at

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