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Published on Jan 22, 2016 in AppFutura Tips

September 2016 UPDATE: Now Gold users can also add Business cases. Silver users can also be certified.

AppFutura’s Pro accounts have different features as we want to provide the best service we can for our developers. If you are interested in projects with low budgets or just want to try the platform, you can go with a Silver account. But if you are looking for big app development projects and a customized profile, you have to be Gold or Platinum,

Among other advantages like adding team members to your profile, a portfolio, certificates and skill focus, Gold and Platinum accounts have the Certifications available.

What are the Certifications? AppFutura offers 5 certifications right now (Gold accounts have access to 4 of them). The process to be certified and able to bid on all our projects is very easy. One of our Developers Manager will contact you via e-mail once you purchase a Pro account. You can add them on Skype and schedule a Skype call that takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The call is in English and the information required is general information about the company, the skills of the team members… The main goal of this call is to get to know your company better and understanding your needs, as we want to assist you in the best way possible. 2 out of 5 certifications are given after the call if our Developers Manager thinks it’s appropriate. The rest are given while you use the platform.

appsquadz certifications

Let’s explain the available Certifications:

  • Phone/Skype validation: We like to know every mobile app development company registered, that’s why we connect with you via phone or Skype. This certification is also a sign for the client to know that AppFutura has been in direct contact with you.
  • English communication skills: As you will connect with clients all over the world, we need to make sure that in your company there are developers or project managers capable of communicating efficiently and fluently in English. No official certifications are required.
  • Real Business: There are two steps to follow to get this certification. First, during the call, you’ll have to explain how your company works, what are your main skills in mobile app development, platforms you use the most, experience with clients from outside your country… General information that will allow us to know your strengths so in case a client asks us for advise, we can provide them with a list of the developers that match their expectations. The second step is sending a document that states that your company is real to our Developers Manager. A Registration document is the most common. This exhibit won’t go public.
  • Escrow trusted user: Are you familiar with the escrow system? In case you aren’t, you can read a post that we wrote about it. This certification is given to your profile once you finish a project within AppFutura using our escrow system. It is very helpful to have this, as it shows the client that you are not the kind of developer that will ask for extra money outside the platform, for example.
  • Validated Clients: Business Cases have been proven to be the most efficient certification of all when getting hired. Only Platinum and Gold users have access to this certification. In case you haven’t worked with us yet, having reviews and rates from your previous clients is very interesting for our clients.
sibers Business cases

To sum up, the Skype call scheduled for the Certification process will provide you with 2 certifications (note that our Developer Manager will give you the certifications if during the call you can demonstrate you are capable of speaking English fluently). The only thing you have to do to get the third certification is sending a document. The last two will be given as soon as you add Business Cases or finish a project within AppFutura. If you still ask yourself why are the Certifications important, we remind you that clients look for professional developers, so the more reliable you prove to be, the better.

If you have any doubt about the Certification process you can contact us at

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