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Published on Mar 23, 2017 in AppFutura Tips
AppFutura reviews

AppFutura offers now different types of reviews for all mobile app development companies registered on the platform.

These different types of reviews can make mobile app developer profiles more complete and stronger so new prospects can learn more about their past jobs and read about real experiences from former clients. At the same time, the different levels of reviews will have different effect on the ranking. The more comprehensive the review is, the more notorious it will be for the mobile app development company. Let’s check how to proceed:

Interviews with clients

Synergo interview review

This is the more notorious review for your profile. You can ask AppFutura to directly get in touch with your client and have a quick Skype call or email interview in order to provide a much more comprehensive feedback. This will provide unique information on the way you work with your clients and become and essential asset to be a successful member on AppFutura.

If you have reviews on your profile that were submitted in the old format before March 2017, you can request AppFutura to interview your clients from the Reviews section on your dashboard.

Another way to submit reviews with interviews is by giving us via email the contacts of your clients and a brief description of the work (challenge, objective and solution) you did for them. We will verify the information and ask you if we have any questions. We will then contact the clients via email to either set up a 10-15 minute interview call or send them questions via email. This would result in a complete and notorious review added to your profile.

Add a review from a former client

EPS review

This is the former Business cases feature. You will be explaining details about the mobile app project you made (title, description, budget, platforms, name of the client...). If needed, the information given can be generic: not disclosing names, but using descriptive ones. However, in these cases, we might ask for further information for validation purposes.

You are also asked to provide an email of the client. Usually, for validation purposes, it is beneficial that this is a corporate email rather than a generic one (gmail, yahoo...). If not, it would be important that the email can be linked to the app you are describing (i.e. this is the email linked to the Google Play Account or there is some connection with the project).

The client receives an automatic email asking them to provide feedback. This will only take 2-3 minutes of their time. It is a basic 5-star rating and an optional comment section. Once the client submits the review, AppFutura validates this making sure it is genuine.

Import reviews

Cabot imported review

This is a very easy and simple process and will only be available for Platimum and Visibility Package users. Your can ask the AppFutura team to import and adapt reviews you have on other websites. Mobile app development companies have to provide AppFutura with the link and the name of the reviews they want to import. Note that this reviews will be considered not verified by AppFutura, providing a lesser impact on your ranking. However, it is a great way to get started on the platform, as it allows to build up the profile a lot quicker.

AppFutura update, January 26:

Reviews via LinkedIn

All members of AppFutura can now send their profile links to their former clients and they can now submit reviews via LinkedIn validation. This type of reviews includes an interview with AppFutura's team.

If you have any doubt about Reviews, you can contact us at

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