AppFutura Tips: how does the preselection process work?

Published on Jul 11, 2014 in AppFutura Tips

As you know, our project awarding system starts with the AppFutura Team evaluating all the development proposals each project receives. We make a preselection of the best candidates for each project – usually up to 4. That is when the preselected developers have the chance to contact Project Owners and start proper negotiations.

A lot of you have asked what criteria we use to make the preselection. Here are some tips to help you understand the way things work on AppFutura:

The Project Owner's requests


That is the first thing we look into. We talk to all the users who post projects on our platform and try to figure out all the needs they have. Therefore, we know what kind of professionals they are looking for. Furthermore, we have to try to adjust to the requested budget. That does not mean that a development proposal outside of the indicated budget will never be accepted, but the closer it is to the Project Owner's idea, the better. Our aim is to find perfect matches.

Your profile on AppFutura


Sometimes the developers making proposals on AppFutura have profiles that give absolutely no clue about what kind of professional they are. The more complete your profile is, the more chances you will get to be preselected. For obvious reasons, we will never choose a developer that we know nothing about.

The comments on your development proposal


As you probably know, there is a comment section when developers make proposals. We use that information to understand your approach to the project. You should describe how you would do the job and why you are a good candidate. A lot of developers just copy and paste standardized proposals. If you are an expert of the kind of app project you are bidding for or you have developed similar apps, you should write about it rather than just copying links to your portfolio or website. Most importantly, comments including contact information are deleted from the proposal.

Pro accounts


AppFutura Pro member get somewhat of a special treatment when it comes to preselecting candidates. That does not mean that an unqualified Pro member will be selected before a qualified regular member. However, when it comes to a tie, our team is inclined to pick the Pro member. Remember that Pro members also get discounts on the AppFutura fee for projects.

Truth be told, sometimes it is hard to only pick 4 candidates – that is why sometimes more candidates might be preselected. We are forced to make difficult decisions. If you are not preselected for a project, you shouldn't be disappointed. If you are a great developer and you follow the tips we just gave you, you will most definitely be preselected for a project sooner or later.

You may be wondering why we decided to make a preselection of candidates. The reason is quite simple: our experience tells us that when Project Owners receive a massive number of development proposals, they tend to ignore all of them. In order to avoid that and save time to both parts, we shortlist the candidates to make negotiations easier and more effective.

As always, if you have doubts regarding this, you can contact us at

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