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Published on Nov 13, 2015 in AppFutura Tips

We have recently launched the latest version of our site with exciting new features! This time, we wanted to clearly separate the two strategies a development company can follow on AppFutura: having access to projects on our marketplace and getting visibility on our directory for direct leads to their website.

This specially affects the Platinum account, which used to be the way for development companies to get benefits on both sides of AppFutura. The reason behind this separation is clear: maximizing results. The old Platinum Account used to be a merge of both and users could not really decide on a particular strategy. You can now decide where your interests lie, whether it is having benefits on our marketplace, visibility or both.

  • The Platinum account has now lost all visibility advantages and it only has effect on our marketplace. However, we wanted to make up for the visibility loss with a discount on the AppFutura fee for projects, which is now down to 9%. Moreover, the Platinum account continues to be the top Pro Account, with unique features, more ranking weight and still better positioned than others. The price of the Platinum account remains the same.
  • All visibility can now be purchased with the Visibility Package. You will be featured on our home page, on the worldwide general directory and in specific location and platform directories. While it has no effect on your ranking, it also includes featured spaces throughout our website, presence on our blog and references in our social media to get total exposure for your company. Offering an average of 100 clicks per month, the Visibility Package has a price of $89, with different discounts depending on the length of your subscription.
  • If you are interested in getting both, you will get an overall 20% discount. This pack combining all AppFutura benefits has a price of $149 per month, with additional discounts depending on the length of the subscription as well. Overall, you can get up to a 50% discount!

If you have questions or doubts about any of this, feel free to contact us

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