Top app development companies interview: Prismetric – Follow up (III)

Published on May 18, 2018 in App Development
Top app development companies interview: Prismetric – Follow up (III)

A year after our last follow-up (Top app development companies interview: Prismetric), we reached out to Prismetric and asked them about the changes that the company has implemented this past year. So thank you to the CEO Ashish Parmar for taking the time to answer these questions about mobile app development.

Ashish Parmar is an admirer of technology and innovative methodologies. Prismetric is a web and mobile app development company that has been enabling businesses and ideas to create perfectly executed solutions with key services like App development, website development, augmented reality, virtual reality, big data services, SAP services and more.

How many employees does your company have right now?

We are a team of 80 developers who actively take up any new task. 15 designers who creatively craft UI/UX and graphically remodel our client requirements; 10 team leaders to guide, correct, manage crises and follow the tasks and schedules faultlessly; 10 business analysts, who tirelessly analyze and generate ideas for the best projects and features; 7 quality analysts who assure the bug-free and best performing apps are getting delivered to the clients, and our Managing Director, who leads the entire system and encourages our smart working methods.

What would you say makes your company different from others?

I will say our experience, the process we follow and our qualified team make the difference. We always pick the right employee and pay a close attention to their capabilities. We concentrate on easing the work pressure and offering a more comfortable workplace for our employees as well. The process we follow helps to ensure that we provide efficient services on-time. This has improved our productivity and the quality of our work, the two main areas that any development service provider should concentrate on enhancing.

How has your company evolved since our last interview?

We have increased our team strength. The number of projects we get committed to and how soon we accomplish our goals has also improved. We have revamped our infrastructure, we have fortified our security system to extra secure our client and project details. We have updated our systems and resources to match the trending world of technology. We are now able to take up any task and fulfill any project requirement without a second thought.

Which technology or platform is the best to develop apps in 2018?

In the upcoming days, we feel that a lot would depend on the factors that will help apps to be efficient, fast and engaging. The better the apps are, the easier it will be for outsmarting the competition. Swift for iOS has been in for a while and Apple followers have had a good time using the apps developed with this language. Meanwhile, Kotlin as the latest addition to the Google’s camp has been gaining a lot of attention and it could change the app development scenario for Android devices. These would surely be the latest ones to watch-out for in 2018.

Talking about technology, there are some that have been increasing their presence and when combined with other technologies they could prove to be a revolutionary solution for many businesses. Two of the best combining technologies to look forward to in 2018 are IoT and Big Data.

Do you prefer to build mobile apps with native, hybrid or web languages?

Building an app would purely depend on the type of the app, its utility and its end users. But especially when it comes to accessing and developing an app using the full efficiency of the OS and device, native apps are the best performing when compared with hybrid apps. When apps are coded for native platforms they will perform smoothly, this will indirectly attract users and, of course, improve the number of downloads.

What is the next big thing in mobile?

The apps that include features combining IoT and AI, as well as the business solutions and educational needs that include AR/VR will undoubtedly become a sensation in the upcoming years.

Which device is the best in the market right now?

Speaking in general, it is the age of smartphones, they are the best-selling devices right now. The need and necessity of the devices has increased over the years and it is because smartphones make our lives easier and we are mostly dependent on them for most of our routines. Smart home devices are the ones that I would say are next in line. They are becoming more human-friendly and making our everyday tasks simple through reminders with the efficient use of AI technology.

How has Appfutura helped you?

Appfutura has helped Prismetric in branding and we got a good exposure among AppFutura visitors. We found that the platform has granted us a good exposure for the services we offer and it helps us show the world our competence in carrying out tough tasks.

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