App Business Road Map: A Complete Process

Akansha Pandey
Published on May 06, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
App Business Road Map: A Complete Process

The most important step to create an app is its designing process. This is because it lays the foundation for the phases like Build, Test, Release and Maintain. There is the various process of designing that bring all the verticals and horizontal of the business altogether. If you have a thoughtful design & know user requirements, you can easily give your app the right direction

In this blog, we have illustrated all the steps that app developers follow to take you from ideation to action play. The roadmap is very important as you can easily manage the things in a proper way but without a roadmap, you may be get diverted, lost or delayed.


Before jumping into “mobile first” campaign, it is crucial to ask a question i.e., Do we really need an app? Does the app add value to our customers? How does this app help us in this competitive era of technology? How your app will fulfill the company’s mission?

Mobile application developers clearly outline the need for a product strategy as this is one of the important steps, in order to develop an app. This is because if you invest in the app for the wrong reasons then definitely it will not increase sales & loyalty.


While designing to the final stage, always keep these three constraints in mind as this will help you to keep app management under the realistic tab and easily ensure balance among them.

Scope: This includes the process of determining features and platform for the app.

Time: Here, the timeline of the project has been decided.

Budget: In this, the calculation you can check the entire cost of the project.

All the above constraints have related concerns, details that play into overall coordination. The timeline is specifically influenced by the platform and the features that you are including. If you want to launch the app in a short time, you may have to compromise on the feature list and also make the changes in the overall budget. The primary key to success is just prioritize your time, scope and budget. To determine the overlap between business goals and technical constraints, hire Android App developers as they clearly analyze the constraints that are required for businesses.


App Business Road Map: A Complete Process
  • To determine the scope, you need to keep these things in mind –
  • Are alternative apps available in the market?
  • How can we make our app different from others?
  • Can we gather attention from users?
  • How can we engage customers?
  • What is the overall cost of app development?
  • What are the latest market trends and technologies?

In order to determine the usability, first, make proper research and find out the answer to all questions.


You must be aware of the fact that there is tons of app but you need to focus on how you can make your application different from others. At Fluper, a leading app development company, all this help us to focus on usability and we can easily make our app clean as well as attractive. We also keep user requirements in mind like social sharing. Although designing is a worthwhile investment that boosts the process of mobile app development.


Once we have a clear vision of the app, we focus on why a user should interact with our application. We create user scenarios so that we can give a clear understanding to developers, marketers, product manager and enable them with the best experience. The main ingredient to build a great design is user experience.


Once we listed the features, we put our best efforts to implement them. We also prioritize according to the number of criteria such as risk, cost, time, business value, user needs, and resources. All this provide us with a set of actionable features that are incorporated into the design for future release and improvement.


This is that moment when we turn ideas into reality. But before that, we start coding so that we don’t have to do a lot of rewriting and refactoring of code later. All the entire process requires proper planning and we better know how to do that.

In the wireframing process, we understand the sequence of the app and how a customer will navigate through the application? But before starting wireframing, we focus on creating an effective wireframe.


In the app designing process, the next stage is prototyping. In this process, we test the application with real users and devices and then get feedback from them. Our designers and developers work with various tools like Flinto, Invision,, and more. Once we gather a lot of feedback, we get a better understanding of what to expect from the target audience.


App design is the first thing that catches the eyes of the user. So we make sure that visual elements and layouts can make the impression on users. To stand out in today’s competition; whole Fluper team put their best efforts to make the first impression. There are various things included in mobile app development such as color, typography, balance, symmetry, consistency, and symmetry.


After finishing designing, we gather all the features altogether to achieve the project goal. This document clearly brings together various things like project scope, functional requirements, features, use cases, non-functional requirements, issues, and wireframes.

App Business Road Map: A Complete Process


If you are also thinking to get your own app, then Fluper is here to help you out. Being a leading iOS and Android App Development Company, this organization is getting popular across the globe. With over 8 years of industry experience, the organization has become the first choice of various users. Moreover, it gives multiple benefits, including:

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