Can Android Jetpack Speed Up App Development?

by Fluper on Jun 13, 2018 / Android Developers Resources
Can Android Jetpack speed up app development?

Google announced the release of the Android Jetpack in the Google I/O conference this year, which is a prestigious event for mobile app development companies. Android Jetpack can be defined as the revised support library for mobile app developers with improved tools to build app features using Kotlin as the coding language. The support library of the Android apps software developer kit is already used by almost every app in the Play Store, so improvement in the same started a while ago. Last year, experts unveiled the architecture component that takes care of the app cycle's data and now, the four components are revised to deal with the features integration in a better manner.

What are these Jetpack components?

The four components of the pack are Architecture, UI, Foundation and Behavior, which allow mobile app developers to make all versions of Android compatible and easy for Android app development.

Advanced features of the Android Jetpack

Unbundled components

The components providing different features are unbundled and android app developers can provide users with quick updates.

Independent of Android versions

As components are not given in a single file, therefore, the features updates are independent of the Android version.

Less coding and high-performance apps

The use of Kotlin in the development of the software package allows developers to code less and develop a robust app with high-performance outputs.

Easy integration

While adding the components to your existing app, the Android Jetpack allows you to integrate new updates without disturbing the existing functionality.

Can Android Jetpack speed up app development?

Now, the Jetpack components of the jetpack have the old elements embedded and also the new ones:

Work manager Alpha

The work manager is an application programming interface element which helps the developer schedule activities within the application so as to increase the efficiency of the app irrespective of the activities such as shutting down, charging and rebooting. The alpha is a one-stop solution for performing work manager tasks with or with Google Play services in the background.

Navigation alpha

The navigation properties of the app are handled by the servers. The alpha element of the Android Jetpack allows a visual where developers can easily draw the path of its app as well as monitor it remotely in order to assure its correct functioning. The apps consist of multiple pages and redirecting to third party apps which make it easier to declare transitions, automatically perform up and back behavior, allow deep linking for upcoming updates, and provide an UI widget.


The paging component is necessary to make the apps lightweight when the data required to display is not stored in the device but is accessed from the data center. The paging feature is where the small portion of required data is displayed in front of the users. The revised paging feature in the Jetpack allows a faster loading of pages from the network, local storage or both, and makes it easier to scroll infinite data on your recycler view of the application.


Slicing means to allow the app to show the predicted result in the search option of the application or display a short screen of elements over the feed window. The Jetpack has a slice of the searched result as a brand new feature in the Google Assistant, which can be used by mobile app developers to make user interactions impressive.

Android KTX

The android KTX elements allow Android developers to summarize five to six lines of code performing a particular function into a single code line, which is backed up by the Kotlin extension.

What is Android 3.2 Canary?

In the Google I/O conference, the Android Jetpack was explained in reference to Android 3.2. Android 3.1 was introduced with the acceptance of the new programming language in Google, which had the D8 dex compiler and Kotlin lint checks. Android 3.2 is the right update for the proper functioning of the Android Jetpack. Android's latest studio has it embedded for top mobile app development companies to get started.

Tech facts about Kotlin

  • Kotlin is the superior language in the Android app development circuit
  • 28 out of 100 apps in Google Play Store are developed using Kotlin
  • 98% of the mobile app developers who have used Kotlin are more than satisfied by the language for mobile app development.

To Conclude

Google is making Android development tools efficient and updated by detecting the existing drawbacks and dealing with them. How? Simply, with new and refined solutions that help us grow as a community and help upgrade the world with accurate technology solutions in the form of apps or miniature devices. This will not only speed up the development process but also help mobile app developers add updates by using the Jetpack without any interruption.

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