Android Jetpack: Develop Better Apps in Lesser Time

Android Jetpack: Develop Better Apps in Lesser Time

It’s been about one month since Google announced Android Jetpack in this year’s I/O developers conference.

Yet the trend has already become the talk of the town. Many popular media sources have covered it in the news and many experts have written blogs.

Despite this, there might be many people out there who don’t have any idea of what the trend is and why it’s becoming so popular.

If you’re one of those, this post is meant for you.

Let’s begin with the basics:

Android Jetpack is a diverse set of tools, APIs, and Libraries that helps developers in creating unique apps in less amount of time.

You can consider it as an extended support library that combines existing components with a set of more powerful components for making the process of mobile app development faster.

You can divide Android Jetpack into four major parts: UI, Architecture, Foundation, and Behavior. Each part has dedicated tools, APIs, and libraries which are used during the development process.

The following diagram displays it very well:

Android Jetpack: Develop Better Apps in Lesser Time

While the image might’ve given you a basic idea of what Android Jetpack is, a question might still be wondering inside your mind:

Why is this necessary?

Well, with the increasing demand for mobile apps, it has become necessary to develop apps as quickly as possible. The fear that someone else might launch an app on the similar idea first is causing many entrepreneurs to persuade app developers for creating apps faster.

However, creating apps quickly on Android isn’t easy. You need to keep many important factors in mind, have to be aware of the app development lifecycle, and constantly check what impacts changing the code will have on your app. This needs lots of times and efforts.

That’s why utilities like Android Jetpack are needed. They help in quickening the app development process without any effect on the quality.

Here’s how Android Jetpack benefits app developers:

  • Apps can be developed quickly without any quality issue
  • It’s possible to run apps on all Android versions
  • Developers have to write less code
  • It’s possible to develop apps for Wearables and Android TV with the same kit

In simple words

Android Jetpack is an update that the app development industry seriously needed at the moment. It will help app development firms to meet client requirements while doing complete justice with the quality.

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