Android App Development trends to watch out in 2019

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Dec 18, 2018 in Android Developers Resources
Android App Development trends to watch out in 2019

Android is one of the biggest platforms of mobile app development. On an average youngster of age group, 18 to 24 invests about 80 hours of their time each month using their smartphones, it is about 3 hours a day. Even when we say 1 hour is given to all the calling and texting and stuff, there are still potentially 2 long hours spent on searching for something new and engaging. The whole crux of the story is there is a lot of potential in the undercurrent that is readily providing first adopter advantages on first come first serve basis.

To get it all the things that you would need are the idea for an app, an average technical knowledge, hire an android developer and get started on with the development. But what you would miss in all this is the uniqueness. App uniqueness is something that makes you become one of the featured apps. You need to build engaging, ultra-modern, next-gen applications with an exceptional functionality.

When everything is sure to be taken care of by the technical team at the hired mobile app development company, how to render the needed uniqueness? Here are some of the important mentions that are likely to choose the right feature for you android app development:

1. Artificial Intelligence

As the major Android app development company we predicted, the AI trend is speeding up and in no time it is expected to heat up to the 85% milestone in the year 2020.

We are way past the Google Assistance and many established enterprises and corporate are already using AI and ML (Machine Learning) in understanding consumer behavior and formulating better strategies to respond to the growing trends.

There are pretty high chances that AI is going to have its fair share in 2019, and will be doused in developing advanced analytic systems, machine learning techniques and how can you forget the chatbots- the ultimate trend to take over the customer services.

2. Search Feature in Apps

If you have noticed, Gmail, Spotify, YouTube adopted this trend. Now you can simply Google search for anything in the apps and have the optimized search results.

This trend is sublimated on the fact that Android is backed by Google and the in-app search feature is likely to behold the key to better user-experience on any Android app. Thus, if you are looking forward to Android app development, be sure to discuss this feature with the mobile app development you wish to hire.

3. Cloud Technology Integration

Memory is something very endearing to the Android User. If you are a smartphone user, you know what we are talking about. To reduce memory occupied on a device, what is a better technology to depend on the cloud itself.

Developing a data efficient app is something very important, the concept of cloud technology can help you provide a more secure and better storage of data. We are sure that developing cloud-based android apps is going to stay in trend.

4. AR/ VR

AR/VR- rather than being the gaming technologies, they have completely reformed their position on app frontiers. We can say that because there are already historic uses of these technologies in enterprise-oriented applications for arranging training sessions, enabling immersive experiences and lot of other operational stuff.

The latest dimension that is added to the technologies is the use of the technologies in advancing the customer experiences.

5. Blockchain Technology

The wonders of Blockchain technology first came under everyone’s notice with the cryptocurrency market and now the BFSI is looking forward to meeting the security trend with this amazing technology.

From control to operations, and to secure this technology is intended for the banking and finance industry. It is something you must consider and talk to the mobile app development company you hire and lavish its benefits in a wide array of services you provide.

6. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

There is a lot of hype given to AMP and all for good reasons. AMP till now is being used for web apps and landed them the functionality to load faster and thus creating a better user experience on their page aiding their ranks.

Though till now it has restricted itself to web pages, now every mobile app development company will try and implement the technology in the mobile spectrum thus to create a better position in search mobile based engines. It would be good if you hire an Android developer who offers its service in AMP development.

7. Kotlin

Only a few years back a language evolved and surprised the developer community with its edge to develop immersive Android apps. Kotlin is surprising and more than that it is highly efficient and experiment-friendly. This is a technology you must talk to your Android app development company as it is very clearly the future of Android technologies.

8. Go Apps

What are they? We know it is something new and this is the reason we wanted to introduce it to you. The Go-apps are something that comes into existence with the introduction of Android Oreo.

The apps are built to perform on the new software technology phones and are lesser on storage. We are sure the trend is going to only grow further. It lends you the ability to build apps for high-performing devices, with lesser battery and space consumption, in short, a very-very happy end user.

9. Wearable App Development

Wearable devices are something that is already very trendy, and the trend is only going to go further. Not only confined itself to the health and fitness domains, but the technology will also try and spread into other major industries. We see a lot of scope in the wearable app development segment and surely there is a lot of growth potential in the technology other than just using it as a watch.

10. IoT Apps

Android is the king when it comes to IoT devices. According to a recent share of studies about 30 Billion connected devices will come to be in existence by the year 2020. It is huge. Android is the biggest partaker in the trend and is surely going to be a preferred choice of development. IoT apps, IoT for workspace, IoT for home, IoT for enterprises, these are some of the things which will shape the future.


One of the major things, while you need to keep in mind while adopting these trends, is security. The biggest trend ever. Mobile apps will now be more robust and secure and thus security is something you need to always keep in mind.

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