Android App Development: A Gateway To Success

Published on Mar 22, 2018 in Android Developers Resources
Android App Development, A Gateway To Success

Mobility should be every company’s main digital strategy. When it comes to app development, mobile app development companies have many platforms to choose from, such as iOS, Windows, and Android. The Android operating system, however, has been able to take a leap ahead its competitors by acquiring a market share of 40.24%, with Windows being the second with 36.58% of the market share and iOS on third place with 13.08%. Android is one of the most popular platforms for building custom mobile apps. It doesn't only help in business growth but in generating high revenues as well.

Android offers a complete software stack which includes middleware, operating system, key mobile applications, and much more. Other than being the best operating system in terms of performance, scalability, and speed, Android is also the fastest-growing platform. Be it games, digital content or apps, the Android platform is the most installed on mobile devices and has quite a significant user base.

But that’s not only it, as there are many other advantages. Below you will find the complete list:

Android, An Open Source Platform

One of the best things about Android is its open software development kit. Being an open source platform, Android gives its users the leverage of not worrying about license cost. All kinds of mobile app development companies can connect with the Android app developers' community and tell them about their forthcoming versions which they want to incorporate. The benefits which Android offers make it a great option for enterprises, operators and manufacturers. In addition, this platform is an open market for all kinds of apps. You name it and Android will have it.

Personalized User Interface

One of the most important aspects of your app is its user interface. When it comes to Android apps, they are easier to manage and are highly customizable. Google focuses on helping developers create custom Android apps for personal and business purposes. Android being an open source platform gives developers the chance to transform their imaginative ideas into a reality and successfully create innovative apps. Android makes sure to give its users a wide array of personalized options. It also gives users the possibility to update the apps with available multimedia and data management tools. When customers use any app, it’s them who decide whether that app is going to stay in the market or not. So having an app with a customized user interface is extremely relevant. And Android offers highly customized apps and a remarkable experience to its customers. Customer satisfaction is the one phenomenon all mobile application development company in USA and everywhere around the world focus on the most.

Higher ROI and Less Investments

When it comes to investment, Android has comparatively a lower entry barrier. Android's software development kit (SDK) is free for Android app developers and reduces development costs. However, app development costs can be further divided into three sections that include development, testing and deployment cost. As for application distribution, developers are asked to pay a one-time registration fee. Thanks to this low investment, mobile app developers can easily increase their engagement rate among users. On the other hand, enterprises also generate higher ROIs. And that is another reason why Android is the most popular platform: low investment policies and a promise of helping enterprise generate a higher ROI.

Number of Sales Channels

Unlike most platforms, the Android application development system offers developers a leverage to deploy their apps in different ways. If you choose Android for your app development, you won’t be limited to a single market to promote and distribute your apps. Android gives developers the chance to create their own sale and distribution channels besides being available on the Google Play Store and other third-party marketplaces. Multiple sales channels make Android a great choice for top mobile app development companies , as it's the only platform that gives developers a chance to boost their businesses and, at the same time, promote their apps on other channels.

Easy to use

Android apps are scripted in the Java language, so developers who are familiar with this particular programming language can easily develop an Android app by themselves. Most Java experts find it very easy to write their apps on Android, as opposite to other platforms. In addition, Google developed an alternative Java language: Kotlin, which makes it even easier for Android app developers. Leading technological companies like Atassian, Pivotal, Evernote, Uber and Pinterest have already been using Kotlin for developing their Android solutions. If you are looking to leverage your business and app development strategies, Android would be a great first choice. It doesn't only offer great advantages but it's also super easy to use. In fact, it's not only customers who get to enjoy the service, but developers get to have fun while developing their apps as well.

Final Words

Therefore, to conclude, if you are a mobile application development company in USA or any other country and you want to boost your revenue and become your customer's favorite firm, the Android operating system is your platform to go.

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