AI based technologies offering exciting possibilities

Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder at Algoworks
Published on Nov 08, 2017 in App Development
AI based technologies offering exciting possibilities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its innovations are like boon for human lives. It is a transformative move especially in terms of the mobile application development domain.

AI has transformed the way app development companies operate. The wonders of AI have not only affected user experience but holds strong impact in the application development process. The time is not too far when app developers will unleash the much-imagined powers of Artificial Intelligence for automated quality assurance purpose. Also, there could be the possibility that with minimal effort the application can be tested on itself, find the bugs and then fix them as well. Also, there could be chances that the application gets modified and update itself to fit better with the OS changes which hit the devices continuously.

A self-optimizing application, equipped with AI capabilities, will easily transform itself in order to function better with the firmware updates of the device and will of course cut down the cost remarkably.

AI based technologies offering exciting possibilities


According to Forrester’s TechRadar report there are some revolutionary AI technologies coming up:

Speech recognition

Now transcribing and transforming human speech into some format which is useful for apps just got easier and simpler. Now the technology speech recognition is implemented into voice-response interactive systems and also in mobile applications. It’s not just Siri which understands you. There are lots of different vendors offering speech recognition services which include OpenText, Verint Systems, NICE, Nuance Communications and many more.

Deep learning platforms

Deep learning has grown spontaneously and is a new upcoming trend in Machine Learning. It involves artificial neural circuits with many abstraction layers. Deep learning uses multi-layered neural networks that learn complex relationships between inputs and outputs. The complexity these neural network capture states that it comprises of a lot of layers.

By imitating human brain, deep learning technology processes data and creates patterns for better decision making. The technology understands the patterns and thereby classifies applications which are capable of handling large-scale data sets. Some of the deep learning platform service contributors are Fluid AI, Adext, Peltarion, Ersatz Labs, Mathworks, Saffron Technology, etc.

Machine Learning platforms

Well, today computers are also phenomenally intelligent and can also learn. Large technology enterprises have started using their own centralized platforms for applicability of Machine Learning engineering. Machine Learning provides algorithms development and training tools, application programming interface, big data and applications and for this reason it is gaining more and more traction every day.

The machine learning platforms are currently used in various business activities specifically for prediction and categorization purpose. Some of the vendors selling Machine Learning platforms are Google, Adext,, Fractal Analytics, SAS, Skytree and Microsoft.

AI-optimized hardware

A great thanks to addition of Artificial Intelligence technologies and so hardware needs to become friendlier as well. Friendly hardware means central processing units, processing devices and graphical units are designed and structured specifically for executing AI oriented tasks. Graphical processing units and appliances are structured for efficiently running the AI-oriented computational jobs. There are other service providers which offer these types of technologies comprising of Nvidia, IBM, Alluviate, Google, Cray, etc.

Natural Language generation

A subdiscipline of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language generation, converts data into text. It enables computers to communicate ideas with complete accuracy and is used in customer service for generating reports, market summaries and giving business intelligence insights. Some of the natural language service providers and suppliers service providers are SAS, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, Attivio and Automated Insights.


AI driven technology revolution has impacted all industry domains very positively and productively. Since AI holds tremendous potential and exhibits the same, the firms have already started deploying AI solutions. It not only understands the individual keywords but will also understand what we mean by the context of our conversations.

The Artificial Intelligence technology also has the ability to clearly understand what we feel about any particular product just by listening to our voices’ inflection.

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