Advantages of Unity Game App Development

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on May 30, 2018 in Mobile Game Developers Resources
Advantages of Unity Game App Development

The choice of a framework can greatly affect the development and outlook of any mobile app. In the case of a mobile game, the genre, pace of development, presentation and sustainability can revolve around the framework in which the game is built. While Crytek, Godot, Construct 2 and Blender are some of the most notable Gaming Frameworks, our choice of development lies in Unity. In this blog we shall explain the advantages of developing a Game App with Unity.

Multiplatform Support

Games developed in Unity 3D can be imported to 27 platforms which include Android, iOS, PC, Web and even Mac. Development time is hugely reduced and any cross functionality intentions require fairly small efforts compared to the method of coding it again separately for another platform. Agile Methodology can be easily implemented, which enables speed prototyping and constant testing. This makes the overall process of development quick and accurate.

Open Source Feature

Advantages of Unity Game App Development

Like several coding platforms, Unity has a very healthy coding community which runs very well among game coders. Unity has an already existing easy-to-understand documentation that comes in handy of any novice developer. Combined with the code sharing and community feature, it saves lot of time and helps come up with the most accurate and precise code.

Graphic Rendering

Multiplatform support is not just related to the devices it runs on but it also supports graphic rendering from engines that use OpenGL ES, OpenGL and Direct 3D and Softwares like 3DS Max, Blender and Adobe Photoshop. This can be easily imported for web, Mac, iOS, Android and other respective platforms.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Features in Unity helps Asset Server Control Solution take care of game assets and scripts. Audio Backend support is provided by systems like Theora Codec and PostgreSQL along with other features like global illumination, Light Mapping and built-in path finding meshes which give any game developers to option to create games belonging to several categories.

Unity Physics

PhysX engine adds to the gameplay when your game is supposed to simulate real world mechanics and it could take all the time of the world to frame certain features. Unity has a built-in support for PhysX engine. This helps developers create the best out of real time solutions based on thick raycasts, collision layers and skinned meshes.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use and Free to Begin

Unity 3D offers a free version for budding game developers which is equipped with everything one needs to advance to Unity 3D pro. This has assisted many aspiring game developers to exercise their passion and develop enough skills that any game development company would require. More than that, this culture has inspired the community to create many online courses and videos which combined with the inbuilt community feature is responsible of delivering great standards in the world of 2D and 3D mobile game apps.

Here at BrainMobi we are in constant routine of practice with developing mobile games in Unity. In terms of services, methodology and updated technologies we are one of the best unity app development companies. If you have an idea for a mobile game app, feel free to write to us at

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