Absence of Food Delivery app means loss of opportunity

Akansha Pandey
Published on Mar 12, 2018 in App Development
Absence of Food Delivery app means loss of opportunity

On-demand service providers have quite a hefty task bestowed upon their shoulders to deliver customer demand on time. And when it comes to satisfying the appetite of Generation Z, food outlets must stress on quality in addition to the services offered for sale. If your restaurant fails to come up with an app store optimized food delivery application, then you are losing out a chunk of the potential market. Food delivery app development companies for Android and iOS realized this long ago and this is the reason why app stores are being overcrowded with endless food-related applications that instantly connect food-lovers and culinary experts around the world. An absence of mobile applications, therefore, means loss of business opportunities for restaurant owners.

Leveraging these applications to the benefit of the food delivery services is advisable and requires a quick brush through of the same.

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So, here we begin with the basic benefits obtained by restaurant owners as well as the customers from such apps:

The sole purpose of restaurants is Customer Satisfaction.

Standing in long queues, waiting to pay off bills or driving down to a restaurant is definitely an old-school theory. Nobody has the time or the patience to even try to make that attempt. Ever since applications entered the scene, the takeaway/delivery options have aided customers to rid off unnecessary tax payments and going beyond the decided budget.

Eliminating miscommunication issues

Initially, a telephonic order of food was quite a cumbersome task to accomplish. Often orders are misplaced or misheard due to the disturbance in the connection or noisy background. However, the option of ‘add-to-cart' for food items eliminates such possibility.

Economical for the restaurants as well as for the customers.

There is no doubt that such applications have already proved economical for the customers in many ways. Customers need to bear extra expense in making a journey to and from their homes to dine out in a restaurant apart from the fact that service taxes are also chargeable from them. Payment of that unnecessary extra amount is usually cut-off when ordering from the comforts of their home.

Coming down to the restaurant owners, these mobile applications have served as the direct marketing tool for them. Other expenses are cut down too when opting for an application to display the items put up for sale instead of printing menu cards. Many small shops and food trucks have either their personal application or are registered with some of the most popular on-demand food delivery applications like Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy etc. Such small shop owners need not maintain a proper flamboyant looking restaurant in order to sell off their tasty delicacies. They sustain the competition easily, servicing the customers’ side-by-side to that of the big restaurants.

Round- the- clock service

Both the customers and the restaurant owners stand to benefit from these apps yet again when it comes down to food service. If you are hungry at 11 p.m. or 2 p.m., you can easily order food online and satiate your hunger. Restaurants usually shut their service off post-lunch or pre-lunch hours. However, most of them are always live online.

Restaurants earn that extra bit through the mobile applications. Again, as an important promotional tool, the customer feedback and review section draw more visitors apart from the word-of-the-mouth strategy. The possibility to serve round-the-clock service has also entailed the restaurants to serve and satisfy their customers even more.

Price comparison site

This part is solely for the food lovers who prefer a good bargain but are not willing to compromise on the quality. Today's generation has become extra cautious when buying either online or offline. They prefer to do a thorough research, compare the price of the food items from different restaurants and read each review mentioned in the app before coming down to making a purchase decision.

So, It is aptly said that ‘Absence of food delivery apps means loss of opportunity’. Restaurant owners can enjoy the benefit of reaching a much wider customer base through apps than what their physical outlets did initially. They either stay out of business without a supportive application or stay in business with a proper and well-maintained application: The choice is theirs. Top food delivery app development companies are waiting somewhere out there to extend their expertise to all those who require their aid since the restaurant business is one of the dominating sectors to cash on and is unlikely to phase out anytime in the near future.

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Key Takeaways

The market trends are sounding favorable for the restaurant applications.

Let us see:

What does the current market trend say about food delivery applications?

  • Innovative food delivery options to choose from.
  • Delivery drones and artificial intelligence in action to deliver food.
  • In-house and third party deliveries are in tough competition.
  • More consumers get onboard for ordering online for food.

Even the Statistical evidence paint a future dominated by the similar app services for any business to succeed including restaurants as well.

Absence of Food Delivery app means loss of opportunity
  • By 2022, restaurant delivery apps will expect a rise to about 11% of the total market sell against current figure of just 6%.
  • 47% more consumers opted for the food delivery options compared to the figure for the year-gone-by.
  • Out of 100, 47% ordered for delivery directly calling the outlet, 34% through the restaurant app/website and 18% through delivery service website or application.
  • Online food delivery estimated to grow by 16% annual compound rate for the coming 5 years.
  • Subscription business for food delivery apps attracted over 11 million US subscribers in 2017.
  • Globally, on-demand food delivery services market expects sale figure to reach $220 billion by 2020.
  • Online food delivery expected to rise by 16% annual compound rate in the coming 5 years.

Final word

More than 90% restaurants and local eat outs are already listed in on-demand food delivery applications or own their customized apps. The changing lifestyle of the customers and the endless options to select food items right from the comfort of their home contributed to the rapid growth of such e-services. Such a profitable business enticed many big players in the market, including Amazon as well. The demand for such applications will never phase out since food lovers exist all over the world. More so, people opt for services that adjust to their lifestyle to offer something that they like. Top-rated mobile app development companies started manipulating the potential of this particular sector and the result is the endless list of options for on-demand service delivery apps. The existence of such applications did not hamper the growth and business of restaurants. Rather, the food-outlets that recognized the potential of such an application, have wisely incorporated it into their business model.

So, any entrepreneur must keep in mind that whatever the nature of his venture is, owning an application extends the much-needed support for their business, which is humanly not possible to accomplish at times. Hiring dedicated mobile app developers to stay ahead in the competition and satisfying the end customers must be the key objective for any business enterprise irrespective of their nature.

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