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Published on May 05, 2017 in App Development
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Have you ever wondered why is there a mobile app for every little action that we could have performed manually or we used to perform manually in previous times? Technology has taken up the world so fast that saying previous times makes us feel little old, huh? From ordering grocery, to purchase tickets, apparels, booking a cab to reach a gathering/workplace; every little task is being performed through mobile apps.

Besides getting our daily routine based tasks done, approximately 60% of people use smartphones or may be more than that. Seeing all businesses coming up with a dedicated mobile app is not surprising anymore. With increasing number of smartphone users, people are going towards more ease in their day to day activities. That is why now we have apps for ordering food, for ordering a cab, for ordering grocery, for ordering apparels, accessories and shoes. The mobile app development company SI Global Solutions has shared with us the benefits of having a dedicated mobile app for every action or for every business.

Benefits of a dedicated mobile app

Mobile apps offer flexible engagement opportunities. A specific app allows you to reach your target and basic customers easily and directly. If it’s a specific product app, an organization can directly send updates, what’s new, new developments, offered services to the targeted customers,etc. You can have all the information, in fact comprehensive information, about the users through the backend of your mobile app and gives you a clear picture about where are your users from, which feature of your app is the most used and which feature of your app is the least used. Such analysis becomes the base of further developments of the product and actions/additions in the mobile app are taken accordingly.

Applications are constant reminders of your business existence. It increases your brand visibility tremendously and has more importance than just having your presence by a phone number. Since your business is in front of them all the time, it helps in building loyalty within the customers.

Mobile apps have made communication easy and cost effective. Now people do not have to necessarily spend a penny on regular SMS messages and paper newsletter. Communication is simplified and more secure than before. So we can surely say, apps reduces cost.

Considerations before developing a mobile app

Many businesses have the perfect idea of a mobile app but not every app is developed or gets successful. As there are some necessary ingredients for preparing a meal, in the same way there are some necessary ingredients for developing a mobile app that SI Global Solutions company wants to share with us after their vast expertise in mobile app development and design.

  • Research: before developing a product, one should brainstorm and get enough input about the idea that would be beneficial for the customer or not. Are people going to use it or not?

    Research is the answer to this question. The more you research, the more you are aware of the existing possibilities, facts, risks, challenges, etc. To understand your customer needs, polling or survey can be a way. This will surely help a company to come to a fruitful conclusion.

  • Purpose of the app: either if it’s an app or any other project, the purpose is necessary to be defined well. How can we expect ourselves to come up with an end product to be successful if we do not clearly know its purpose? One needs to think from a customer point of view to get better results.
  • Time and resources: software projects not only ask for financial investment but also for time and resource investment. Just like anything that is technology based, apps have to be up to date, maintained and relevant to offer best services to the customers and ensure improvement.
  • Business requirements: every decision you make should stand fully on your business needs and requirements. Something that functionally needs a desktop based system, having an app for the same system is worth for creating ease for users and also because of the performance benefits that we have been discussing.

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