A guide to promote your mobile app on social media platforms

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Published on Aug 25, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
A guide to promote your mobile app on social media platforms

The strength and capability of social media cannot be denied. It is the most robust and efficient platform for spreading news or promoting anything.

When any company makes it foray into the market, its success is pivoted on how remarkably it stands out from among the rest. Penetrating the market is an uphill battle for a mobile app even if it is not complex and user-friendly. All it needs is a savvy and efficient app promotion strategy.

In order to flaunt their application, the mobile app developers have to promote their apps on the right platforms where they can get maximum viewers. Creating a website and crafting a catchy profile on the social media lays the path for encouraging downloads for your mobile app.

The most remunerative strategy for the mobile app developers to make their app viral is social media marketing. Social websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are beneficial in garnering prospective buyers.

For all you professional app developers who are seeking ways for advancing your app on social media platforms, here are some of the productive and fruitful tips to guide you.



Social media marketing strategies are reasonable, and all they ask for is your time, efforts and devotion. Once you get along with the targeted audience, you have to maintain the same relation and profile with them by providing them with frequent entertaining updates.

Something that is not only enlightening and enthralling but also gives sneak peeks into the latest sensations. This will keep your audience hooked to your app. Post twice or thrice, but not too frequently otherwise the audience gets irritated. Schedule the right time for posting things. Make sure you are neither late nor being too clingy. Figure out the time when maximum number of people are online and active. But bear in mind that every social website has its own time of peak audience.


Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the center stage for shedding maximum light on your site. People are interested in sharing their stories and will be satisfied that you are hearing them out. Also, you will get lots of likes and follows. Therefore, prioritize social media platforms.


Unique and informative content is the key to the digital world, and high-quality content can increase the visibility of your mobile app. Build a strong content that keeps your audience engaged. For instance, if you have a beauty app, you can add testimonials and tips from experienced beauty advisors. Add videos and use more visuals, like Iphone Mockups that will give your audience the idea of how your app will look once downloaded. Make them funny and realistic and promote them on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Nobody reads scriptures nowadays, this is where videos and images come in handy.



Social media influencers are an essential part of a brand’s earned media marketing program. Not everyone has a strong voice. The influencers use their channels and blogs to reach millions of users. The social media influencers have the power to reach millions of users in a single day and within a few hours.

The best professional influencers to work with are journalists and bloggers. Ink out a deal with them and make sure you provide them with engaging and original content. They might flaunt your product, but they do not come up with the content on their own.


Even if your content is extraordinary, but the title fails to grasp the attention of the audience, chances are you will lose potential buyers. You need to get rid of boilerplate heading and rattle your brain to come up with something catchy.

Don’t stick to a single title, instead, keep updating your content and with it change the title. You can get a clear idea of which title got you more users attention. Data suggests that same content with varying graphics and headings is still appreciated as the followers get a wider and better understanding of the concept.


It’s a give and take world! If you reward your users, the chances of them encouraging others to install it increases. A little token of thanks in the form of currency benefit or digital rewards would make them happy. It's an indirect way of marketing your app.


You are interacting with humans so make sure when they want to reach you the feeling is mutual. Users respond better and appreciate the efforts and passion of the mobile app developer if they can relate and connect as humans. Embrace the feedback and interact actively and freely.

Don’t just throw around links. Ask questions and respond to the queries. Questions help build connections.


With so many things that need to be done in such short time, people miss on things or keep on postponing them. There are methods whereby this can be tackled too in the most efficient manner. Tools that can automate your activities and line-up updates that need to be published are present. Such management tools include Hootsuite, that schedules your posts in advance.

Some of the social media sites have been pooled up here for you.

Social Networks


It is one of the most robust tools today. You can design your own page for your application and give updates about it. This will be helpful in increasing the visibility of your app. You should also be open to the feedback you will be getting. Add descriptions and shots of your app. Add small clips or videos. Also, include a call-to-action button under the header image, this will make your app more noticeable. You can join groups and even promote and share your app there. After creating your own page, you can send invitations too.


Instagram has gradually gained popularity and has drawn the attention of businesses to promote a product, app and services. There are 600+ million users worldwide, and this number continues to grow uncurbed. So, if you want a massive audience, Instagram does wonder!


Millions of people remain connected through Twitter. It acts as a voice for many. 85% of the users use their mobile phones for Twitter. You can get hold of this audience to make them install your apps. Make your app captivating enough that it is unavoidable and hard not to install. Influencers too can retweet them and help in promotion.


With its custom geofilters, Snapchat is the most in-demand app nowadays. It is the most cheapest and best way of promoting your app globally. Although it is getting a bit pricey compared to the rest, it is less expensive.


All business app should never avoid joining LinkedIn. There are two ways you can adopt for promotion. You can gain a following on your company page by engaging with your target audience, talking actively in the group chats and endorsing your app wherever you can without making it spammy. Or you can simply advertise.


Reddit is not exactly for promotional purposes, but you can make use of some subreddits where you can promote your app without getting banned.

Some examples of the subreddits are:


On each platform, you can utilize its posting features. The image, headline, and description of the content you are sharing can be personalized. Every mobile app marketer and promoter battles to muster a larger audience for itself. The more optimized your content is on any of the platforms, the more people will get attracted to it.

This guide will now help you to not only leverage the above mentioned platforms, but also exploit them in the most effective way. Good luck!

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