A guide to on-demand service apps

Sudeep Srivastava
Published on Jul 14, 2017 in App Development
On demand service apps

The importance of on-demand service apps can be considered by looking at the first-ever comprehensive study on the impact of on-demand mobile apps. In a survey from Pew Research Center to of 4,787 mobile users, they found that 72% of the people from developed countries are using on-demand services mobile apps. Mobile applications have captured a major section of online target market. One of the latest and the most interesting trends in mobile world is the idea of developing on-demand services where one has the chance to simply ask for a service without any problem. In other words, on-demand service apps eliminate all the stress of daily lives and keep on going all the time. Here we will clarify the way on-demand service app development is bringing the revolutionary change in the on-demand service industry.

The concept of on-demand service apps

The on-demand app economy enables you to order anything exactly at the time when you need it the most. There is no denying that from parking your car during rush hour to an spontaneous getaway to shipping your parcels during holiday season, on-demand services perform tasks that you thought were difficult for you. On-demand service apps are known as a boom for all those who hardly get time for themselves. Such mobile apps are known as a subset or a derivative of traditional delivery services. On-demand apps are based on convenience as well as mobility. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that such types of apps have taken a centre stage.

Types of on-demand applications

Have a look at all the areas in which on-demand is going to explode, or in other words, is ready to take over the traditional way of doing work.

Beauty services

The main objective of apps belonging to this category is to make you look the best all the time. Beauty apps allow you to use the services of a stylist, nail or makeup artist from the comfort of your home. In order to acquire such service, you just have to make a request in a mobile app.


With taxi related apps you can solve your problem of finding the taxi in a hassle free manner. You just have to open the app and mention the location where you wish to send a car.

Food delivery

This category covers a wide assortment of mobile apps. As the name indicates, with food delivery apps, you can easily get mouthwatering food at your desired location. There is nothing wrong in saying that if anyone is engaged in running a restaurant or own a supermarket, then having a great delivery app is the best option. This will help them in expanding the business in a streamlined manner.


Healthcare apps play a vital role in keeping an eye on your health. This is possible because such apps connect a patient with a doctor. Thus, patients can easily get good advice, call a doctor or have necessary medications.

Household services

Applications in this category can perform a lot of everyday related tasks. Some of the tasks include wash the dishes, wash the car, clean the living room and fix the broken shelf. In addition to these services, buying groceries can also be done in a streamlined manner. These mobile apps can make your life easier.

Amazing characteristics of successful on-demand services

Highly convenient

The cost of on-demand services is more than the cheapest option, but definitely more than the leading suppliers available in the marketplace. Due to this, the services that once seemed luxurious are now within the reach of almost everyone.

Offer flexibility

Due to the flexibility, many on-demand services are able to grow. You can simply put a button in order to get the help instantly without worrying about its usage in the coming future. This is one of the best characteristics which is increasing the demand for such services.

On the other hand, if you are the one who is looking forward to develop an on-demand service app, then it is important to have complete understanding of all those features which can help an app in becoming successful.

Features of a great on-demand service app

Push notification

By incorporating this feature, your users will be able to receive information about the latest arrival of new products or services that might interest them.


This feature plays a vital role in allowing users to track the status of their order. This will certainly increase your app downloads.

Payment system

By enabling users to make mobile payments for goods and services directly to the team, you are simplifying their life. Hence, it is a good feature that should be incorporated.


If you are giving them the ability to add to favorite services, products or shops, then you are simplifying the user's life. In addition, this will help you in knowing all your users and as a result, you can easily modify your offers to satisfy their needs.


With this feature, users can easily add the desired products to their wishlist. Hence, this is considered as a very handy feature in on-demand apps.

Future of on-demand service apps

Today, consumers want to feel satisfied instantaneously. The convenience that on-demand apps have brought cannot be expressed in words. Nowadays, a large number of people are hiring transportation services, beauty services and plumbers from the comfort of their homes or office. In simple words, consumers are embracing the advantages that on-demand economy is bringing. In the near future, app developers will discover its potential in several other industries. On the other hand, a large number of entrepreneurs will invest in such app development services to offer a delightful user experience.

How on demand apps are shaping up the business?

On demand service mobile app development is revolutionizing several industries and listed below are some changes which have been seen:

Demand for more personalization

Industries where on-demand services haven't emerged, it is a fresh and wonderful opportunity to touch the horizons of sky. It is believed that if you as an entrepreneur are capable of offering good services with better personalization, then you will be a clear winner in the market.

More focus on workplace flexibility

An on-demand worker is willing to work part time with several other workers who choose to work as independent workers with the motive to earn more money in this on-demand economy.

The on-demand concept is going to stay as consumers are embracing this amazing way of completing work. Mobile app development of on-demand apps require creativity, efficiency, passion for technology as well as innovation and the app developers have it all.

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