A Guide For Non-Tech Entrepreneurs Thinking To Start An App Business

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A Guide For Non-Tech Entrepreneurs Thinking To Start An App Business

You are fascinated by the glamorous app world and its astonishing success stories. Even though you really don't have an IT degree and any prior technical experience in mobile app development and design, fulfilling your dream is not impossible. In fact, many of the most successful apps were conceptualized by non-technical people like you and have been made global success in a quick time.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to guide you about founding a successful app business, primarily on the merit of unique app ideas and executing those ideas into high-quality mobile apps. Let's start by explaining some unique app ideas that in recent times made hallmark success.

Think Of Unique App Idea

Job Search App

A Guide For Non-Tech Entrepreneurs Thinking To Start An App Business

It had been a common experience for many of us who tried to find a suitable job near his location but couldn't really get in touch with the right vacancies at the right time. Well, to end this frustration now there is a whole new unique app you can develop. You can work on a job search app that is a unique on-demand app to find good jobs near the location of the applicant. The app will help you to search and find jobs nearby your location and filter your choices based on a number of parameters such as industry niche, experience, remuneration and pay package, experience and other factors.

A New Range of Unique Ride-Sharing Apps

In recent times, inspired by the overwhelming success of Uber that almost became a stigma of our generation in such a quick time, some unique ridesharing and carpooling app ideas have surfaced. Even Uber itself came with a few unique app ideas to stretch its popular ride-sharing app for other needs. Let's have a look at these unique app ideas.

Decentralized Uber

Uber is still a centralized app that dictates each and every aspect of the ridesharing and services offered to the commuters. While this has some positive aspects, the centralized business model doesn't have any room for price competition among drivers and resulting benefits for the riders.

This unique app idea which works much like a decentralized Uber app allows both drivers and riders to determine their own price for the respective ride. This can actually turn into a sort of bidding system to benefit the riders with very competitive prices for their availed rides. Drivers based on the price offered by the customer can choose to accept or reject a call.

Car-sharing Real-time Mobile App

Do you want a real-time app for sharing your vacant car seats with the passersby when traveling somewhere? Well, such an app idea is already in the making and soon we can find it rolling in the app market.

Most ridesharing apps in spite of their unique benefits are basically not real-time apps and this is where this unique app idea looks to have great promise. This app will allow any person to take some commuters onboard with the mutual agreement of sharing the cost of travel. The app working only on the basis of local search results can benefit a lot of car owners and regular commuters.

Health Facilities On The Go

Finally, the ridesharing giant Uber is out with its own unique app idea to cater to medical patients in healthcare facilities. Uber Health from now onwards will allow the healthcare facilities booking apps for their patients. Apart from ensuring prompt an emergency ride service, the vehicles under this app will be equipped with life-saving instruments.

Unlike the traditional Uber app, the ride service can be booked even one month in advance. More than 100 healthcare facilities and clinics across the US are already using the beta version of the app.

Considering the Business Model

Now that you have an idea of how a unique app idea can give birth to a robust and successful business of the future, it is time to consider how the underlying business model works to ensure profit and revenue growth for the app business.

Here, we are going to put together various constituent aspects of the app business model briefly.

Executive summary: At first you need to write a clear, concise and detailed summary of how your app will work, the target customers it will serve, the competition it will fight with and the way it will generate profit and ensure long term growth. The summary must explain the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your app idea and the underlying business model. Lastly, the summary should categorically mention the goals the app is supposed to achieve.

Market Analysis and Forecasting: At the second step, you should take a closer look at the existing market and the competition for your app. You also should present a clear idea of how you want to market your app over time based on market analytics. Based on existing market analytics and expert predictions you should also take certain market forecasts into consideration.

SWOT Analysis: Now it is time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in a non-biased manner and it is needless to say nothing works as great as the SWOT Analysis for this. SWOT is basically the abbreviated term representing four different aspects such as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You need to measure these four aspects of your business.

Marketing Strategy: Now you need to have a solid marketing strategy to take full control of how your app is going to reach your target users and generate revenue. Let's have a look at the key constituents of the app marketing strategy.

  • You need to begin with detailed market research. You need to clarify who your customers are in terms of demographics, their preference, location and other attributes.
  • Secondly, your marketing strategy should have a detailed analysis of the existing competition and how you can cut through this competition.
  • Now, as part of your marketing strategy, you need to have a landing page targeting your audience. Through this landing page, you will inform your target users from time to time about all the innovations and the app updates.
  • Lastly, to gain more visibility for your app you need to push the app through enhanced ratings and a lot of positive reviews.

Planning the Financial Aspects: This will begin with the planning for the required fund to build your app and detailed cost analysis at every step. For a 3 to 5 years span you need to have detailed forecasts of all the aspects including profit and loss, balance sheets, start tables, cash flow, and valuation.

Monetization Strategy: Lastly, you need to have a proper and appropriate monetization strategy for your app. While you can always opt for free version along with in-app purchases or a completely paid apps or a fully free app with in-app ads. You need to decide the most effective monetization model based upon the response received by other competitive apps for the similar target audience and the market.

Choose The Right Mobile App Development Company

Now, that you have become sure of what it takes to build a successful app with your unique app idea, it is time to execute the idea by a skilled and experienced developer team. When it is about making the right choice among the thousands of development companies, you always need to stick to time-tested considerations that most successful apps followed. Here we provide the most effective tips to choose the right development company.

  • Always go for a development company who has an understanding and genuine interest in your business.
  • Make sure that the developer team is really approachable, accessible and friendly to listen to your concerns.
  • Make sure the development company already has a strong portfolio of successful apps that match your requirements.
  • Opting for competitive pricing is only ok as long as you are not compromising with the quality.
  • Besides the coding skills, also make sure that they are equally expert in UI/UX design.
  • Always discuss with the development company about the ideal monetization model and the rationale behind their choice.
  • Lastly, make sure they can build the app on multiple mobile platforms and knows the challenges of native development for each platform.

Steps In Building the App

Finally, we are here to explain the key steps of app development, right from the wireframe building to the app idea and to the app launch. Let's have a look.

Wireframe: A wireframe showcasing the screens of the app along with various features drawn on paper first depicts the app idea as something executable. With this, you not only get a total idea of how the app will look and feel but it will also help to update the app idea further by reintroducing new elements. Just like Facebook, you can share the wireframe with users to test it and then work on the final version.

App Design: Based on the wireframe you can finally design the app with all the required elements and give the app its final look. A solid app design achieved in the early stage can be utilized by the app publishers to create buzz long before the app is ready for the launch.

MVP Development: MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a popular approach to build an app with a core set of features that fulfill the primary objective of the app. By unrolling an MVP app you can quickly build and launch an app with lesser cost while based on the feedback you can always add new features and bring design changes through further updates.

App Launch and Marketing: You have to start your marketing efforts with a robust pre-launch campaign to create a loud and widespread buzz about the app followed by a well-hyped buzz and solid post-launch marketing. You need to involve all major marketing channels to boost organic download numbers.


New and unique app ideas are often viewed as prize catches because of their promises of success. But without proper execution, even a never-before idea will amount to nothing. This is why for every app idea to become successful meticulous attention to details of execution is necessary.

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