A guide for enterprise apps

Published on Jan 22, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
A guide for enterprise apps

Mobile enterprise apps have proven to be useful in redefining the manner in which businesses carry out their daily activities. Through the enterprise app, an organization or company can send out offers to customers as well as share information about upcoming events.

Unknown to most people is that there are different types of mobile applications compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems. Today, we will extensively look at mobile enterprise applications and their features. We will also look at the iOS and Android enterprise app developer programs.


An enterprise app is developed for individual organizations or businesses for the sole purpose of helping their employees carry out various tasks. The enterprise app is used by only the employees of the organization. For example, an organization that specializes in importing and selling electronics can request a reputable enterprise app development company to create an enterprise app and help the employees keep track of inventory levels.

Thanks to advancement in technology and changes in the market dynamics, the new generation of enterprise applications is more sophisticated, component-based and scalable. That is, as the organization expands, the app can be improved to support new services and more users.


Messaging board

Communication is crucial to the success of any business operating in the current highly digitalized world. An enterprise app should have a messaging board or a chat feature that employees can use to communicate with each other. Information such as memos is shared faster and more conveniently throughout the organization. It could be an instant messaging service, in-app email client or a chatbot. It is of paramount importance to test the functionality of this feature at the development stage to ensure that it is working correctly.

Address book

This may seem like a basic feature but is well worth a mention. Businesses have hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts in their records. An enterprise app should have an integrated address book that gives the employees and managers easy access to contacts of all the people and organization that do business with the company. The address book should not only contain phone numbers but also other crucial information such as email address, extensions, office addresses and much more.

Cloud network

Cloud data storage has had a significant positive impact on the growth of not only the large corporations but also medium and small businesses. Implementing compatible cloud servers into an enterprise app will greatly help to ensure that the client’s company runs at its maximum efficiency. Employees and any other personnel who is permitted to use the app will be able to access folders and file anytime and anywhere thereby promote productivity. Nowadays, the best cloud services support a broad range of file types. Therefore, this feature will help the employees save and share information in different formats depending on the projects that they are working on.

Business updates

Pinning important notices at the staff notice board and hoping that all your employees will read them or be assuming that word of mouth gets around to all the personnel is inefficient, old-fashioned and outdated to say the least. You can change this by integrating business updates when creating the enterprise application. By doing so, team managers will be able to share business updates with all the employees through the mobile enterprise application as opposed to pinning notices at strategic locations in the office.

The news updates could be updates of live events happening in the organization, newsletters and summaries of meetings.

In-built calendar

Proper time management will ensure that projects are completed on time and that business operations run smoothly. With so many things happening at the office, employees may lose track of some of the essential tasks that they need to complete.

This hurdle can be resolved by incorporating an inbuilt calendar in the enterprise app to enable employees to manage time more efficiently. Go an extra mile and add edit-ability options in the app to allow users to comment, make notes and set reminders of events such as consultation meetings with clients.

The calendar can also be instrumental in scheduling events and meetings. For instance, if the managers agree to hold a consultative meeting with the marketing department, they can use the enterprise app to not only send a memo to all the employees working in that department but also indicate the time and the notes to be discussed in the calendar.

Such a feature will boost engagement, help the organization and employees get organized as well as ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is also a good idea to limit the length of calendar entries to let’s say 40 words to ensure that the notes written on the calendar do not become too overwhelming. Concisely, if the calendar is packed with thousands of notes, some of the employees will not be able to use it as optimally as they should.


Apple enterprise program is tailor-made to provide enterprise app development companies with all the tools and resources that they need to create enterprise apps to run on iOS. Through this program, you can securely host and deploy enterprise applications to all your personnel devices easily.

It is also possible to code sign plugins, Mac Apps, as well as installers with a unique Developer ID certificate for purposes of distributing them to all Mac computers in the organization.


Just like the iOS program, Android Enterprise program provides all the tools and resources that one needs to create robust enterprise apps for organizations and businesses in all industries. Some of the resources available include:

  • Comprehensive developer guide and overview
  • Tools for setting up managed configurations
  • Tools for setting up single-purpose devices
  • Tools for setting up managed profiles
  • Access to Android DevHub Community


Every organization and business needs to have a robust enterprise app to continue in the competitive digital world of business. As an enterprise app development company, you need to carry out extensive research about the client’s company before embarking on creating the app to ensure that it delivers the expected results. Surveys and interviews can help mobile app developers collect background information as well as insights on the key features that you need to include in the enterprise app.

If you have an enterprise app or want to talk about its development, you can participate on our Forum: Required features for developing an enterprise app? Find also the best enterprise app developers on our directory.

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