A few tricks to remember while developing an event mobile app

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Sep 20, 2017 in App Development
A few tricks to remember while developing an event mobile app

If there are multiple apps for almost any topic catering to our day-to-day needs and satisfying our whims, then why can’t we expect an application for event management companies as well? People lack the time and enthusiasm to organize any event, be it family gatherings or official meetings, and hence opt for hiring an event management team to organize the entire function on their behalf which does save a lot of time and extra headaches.

Now imagine owning an event mobile application belonging to the event team hired by you on your smartphone. Your life will become even more hassle free. There is no need for you to continuously chase the team on their preparation progress because you have a device to trace the same at any point and also cater to the attendees’ requirements.

But, we need to understand what type of events our application will cater to. Events can be categorized into four specific types based on what the application needs to be designed so as to serve best your purpose.

  • Official meetings
  • Internal ceremonial gatherings
  • Conference
  • Social occurrences

Mobile application development companies like Fluper have already considered this unique idea worth putting into an application but there are certain tips and tricks of the app development one needs to keep in mind before embarking onto an event application for an event management company.

So, what are the few tips and tricks that collectively form the essential event app features?

Briefing on forthcoming events with date, time and venue

It is highly crucial to feed in current details on future events that are scheduled to occur in specified cities along with a brief summary of the event thus mentioned, with the date, time and venue. Also, provide a map, displaying the nearest landmark to the spot and available local transportations, chalking out a detailed guideline to aid them in reaching the venue easily.

Facilitates of purchase of online tickets and registration

Conferences require participants to acquire entry passes and register themselves prior to the event. If such features are included in your developed application, then it becomes the icing on the cake. Go for it, users will give preference to such an app sparing them from unwanted harassments.

Introducing the conference agenda and speaker profiles

If you wish to give an appealing interface to your developed app, then try to make it highly informative feeding with details of the conference agenda, listing out the main speakers attached with their brief profiles and the entire schedule to aid the users to take better decisions to attend or not to attend such a conference.

User Interface is important in any event app

Besides making the app design appealing, the mobile app developer needs to concentrate on developing a user-friendly interface distinct with features to allow easy navigation around the app.

Highly interactive application

Allow communication and interaction across the event application. This can keep the audience, planning to attain the meeting, engaged contributing their valuable opinions during the conference. Also, incorporating such features where audiences can exchange a few words with the speakers and get the response on the topic of discussion can prove to be quite useful which, in turn, will raise the chances for your app to get shared more.

Engaging content

Content forms the very base for any application or website to succeed because, without a well informative and appealing text, your application will fail to pull in users. Moreover, easy content allows users to share and recommend to others which are possible future users, also recollect the happenings of the events afterward.

Options for recordings and the presentations within the app

Now this feature is an add on designed with the purpose to make your developed application more appealing if the event is recorded and presented in the app along with the slide shares of the important presentations made during the event.

The recordings can also be showcased in the form of document library allowing users to access the important videos, PDF files, and other podcasts. They can also save them for later viewing.

Social media sharing

Now an application becomes incomplete if there is no option for social media sharing. Social media platforms offer the effective medium to target the potential audience for your app, also, caters the participants in sharing the event experience across different platforms through messaging, comments, images, videos, tweets, etc.

Facilitates feedbacks and analytics

This feature triggers your app promotion. Offering an option to share user feedback will give you an insight into the success story of your developed event mobile application, along with the criticisms aiding you in analyzing the situation to strategize building a much better-optimized application in the future based on such valuable inputs from the app users.

The above-mentioned points discussed constitute the must-have features for an event mobile application. Now, let us see what other add on elements we can input into the event mobile app to give an incredible user experience.

Increasing value of sponsorship packages

Besides generating leads for a particular event, such event applications can be used as a medium to target sponsors for the event as well to increase event revenue for the concerned company.

Boosting in-app networking

This feature makes use of Geolocation technology to allow attendees to search and message other attendees and arrange to exchange the word in person during the event.

A uniform platform to meet all kinds of events

Such an event app must not be restricted to arranging big conferences. Rather they must cover a wide sector catering to internal company meetings centralizing all relevant documents in attendees’ mobile devices to take notes and use for future reference.

Wrapping up

Allow me to cite a couple of Android event mobile applications which you can consider installing and engaging to organize any type of gatherings, be it either social or official:

If you need to organize a big event, all you need to do is search for an event mobile application and sit back and relax since this application will take up your responsibilities from your shoulders.

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