A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose

Elina Nazarova
Elina Nazarova, Chief Marketing Officer at Powercode
Published on Oct 19, 2018 in App Development
A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose

Choosing who will work on your project is a very serious and responsible issue. The visual aspect of your campaign, how it will operate, the entire organizational process and approach, and what is more important your app competitiveness and your ability to make money with it — all these points depend on a team that will work with you. What had you been going to choose for your project before you saw the title of this article? Here we will explain you which choice is the right one and why.

Let’s see, freelance job has definitely lots of pros, but only for a freelancer. Below you can see how hiring a freelancer differs from hiring a dedicated team from a trusted company.

Team issue

You need a team working on your project, one person can’t cope with all the directions you will need in the development process.

Company: Provides you with a dedicated team that will work ONLY on your project till it is finished. So, you can be sure the team has a high level of commitment. Moreover, in case any incident occurs, a company can strengthen the team working on your project with its other experts who will eagerly help and always back their colleagues up.

Freelancer: Hiring several freelancers will result in having a team with different tech background, skills, experience, and difference in time zones, which is extremely inconvenient for working processes and impacts their quality. Regarding any incidents that may occur during the application development process, it appears too difficult for a freelancer to deal with challenging issues. They’re alone, and this is never enough for building a great application that will operate as a main tool for your marketing goals.

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose


Everything is clear here — if you trust your project to someone who is not going to bear responsibility, that’s a dead end of your campaign.

Company: Bears responsibility to keep the reputation of their company on top.

Freelancer: Belongs to no company and can do everything they want, which usually decreases their level of responsibility.

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose

Attitude to your project

You want your app to be done carefully and thoughtfully instead of being done in a slipshod way.

Company: Really bothers about the end result because you are a part of their portfolio.

Freelancer: Only wants to finish a project, get money, and forget you.

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose


When any type of work is being conducted, there should be someone classified enough to monitor it.

Company: Provides you with an experienced team leader to control workflow and quality of your project. Every expert working with you is under control and each action is reviewed to ensure it meets your end goals.

Freelancer: Is under no control. Let’s see, a freelancer conducts some sort of work, they believe they control it and the entire process, they also assess the quality of the work themselves. As a result, you get a product created with a single vision, with a single mind. Targeting a wide audience, how can you trust a single opinion?

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose


There will definitely occur situations when you need to discuss some issues with developers or ask them some questions.

Company: Is always in touch and has a certain schedule so that you always know what time you can find experts online.

Freelancer: Is sometimes really hard to reach.

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose


You want developers to concentrate only on your project because it will guarantee you it will be of high quality and done on time.

Company: Will work for you solely until your project is finished.

Freelancer: Multitasking is freelancers’ subsistence. Be sure they will work on several projects at the same time to make more money. One of the freelancers’ advantages is that they can regulate how much they earn, and they will use this opportunity by all means.

A Development Company or a Freelance Service? What to Choose

Insecurity, doubts, fear — these are things you saddle yourself with when choosing freelance developers. Obviously, that’s not what you want in your business experience. That doesn’t mean freelancers are bad specialists, but they are just not the type of professionals appropriate for application development. Consider your goals and how calm you want to feel while your project is being developed and make the right choice for you.

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