A Detailed Guide To Make Your App Successful

Bhavesh Parekh
Bhavesh Parekh, Director & Head of Operations at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions
Published on Sep 23, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing
A Detailed Guide To Make Your App Successful

The market for mobile and its applications is highly increasing. It has become a treasure of the business. The revenue from top successful apps is expected to reach $190 billion in the year 2020. With well over millions of apps in the major app stores, businesses all over the world have recognized the importance of mobile apps. As a result, the app market has been growing and everyone is giving a tough fight to their competitors. There are some challenges for every business to be discovered in the market. In order to compete, it's important to understand strategies that really make a successful mobile app.

Since mobile is an essential and most needed technology in the current time, it plays a pivotal role in society. It's the places where consumers always pass by and stop to use it on a frequent basis as compared to websites. AS per the Yahoo, consumers spend 90% of their time on mobile apps. In order to meet the needs of the consumers, businesses are on the edge to creating mobile app strategies.

What Goes Into Making a Successful Mobile App?

The answer to make a successful mobile app is simpler: A successful mobile app is that fully satisfies the needs of customers and allows them to use it without any trouble and quickly.

The mobile app development process has various phases, not a one-step process that converts into a successful mobile app. In most cases, businesses strive over time to refine their mobile app to better meet the needs of their users and accomplish success.

Here are 8 most important factors that will determine the success of a mobile app.

Planning & Target Audience for Marketing

Once you are done with research where do you stand in the market and how far or good you are with your competitors, then the next step would be to set up a plan. This is when all the questions come in mind. What would be the plans for pricing? Are you going to charge on a monthly basis or initially? Who is your target audience? Should I offer in-app purchases? And many more questions will be there in your queue list. It's a very crucial step in your creation, representing the entire strategy behind your app and the marketing will extend the reach of which people will notice it.

Once when your app is in the development phase, you wouldn't throw your app randomly anywhere in an app store and leave on destiny to work for you. In order to create a successful mobile app, you have to define some specific keywords like age, gender, a location that caters to your target audience.

Solve a Problem

To satisfy customer's needs and the problem is every successful product's motto and aim. You can encounter questions about what type of problems your app will solve for users and how it can help simplify their lives.

The app you are developing must have a purpose. You should not waste your money on building blind imitations that fail to achieve your target and success. Your app should have a clear vision of what you intend to achieve with your app. If the app doesn't have any motive, then it will end up being irrelevant to users. To identify the purpose, pain, demands, or barriers of your customers, you should have to conduct research. This will give you insights into the problems which could be designed to resolve.

Focus on App's Core Functionality

The best apps generally do their part as they don't come on the way of users which may irritate them with annoying extra features. Users need the app which focuses on its core functionality and features which gives flawless user-experience.

The app's core functionality depends on the purpose of your application that what it has to offer to customers and stand alone from the competitors. If users require more features, the app could have its latest version with newly added features. This strategy will help users to believe in you for improving your app continuously.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a technique that is widely used to broadway the target audience and to reach them directly. This is a digital task which could be done by adding keywords, descriptions, and titles to take a big jump in the competition. It's not the ASAP task that could bring your app at the top level in some days or months, but it could take some years to get it listed down in top categories if you follow the optimization carefully.

You must be aware that app ranking is based on install velocity in the App Store which means, the more installs or downloads are made in a short time, the higher the app is placed. It's very hard to achieve without the help of PR or any Advertising agencies, but it's still not impossible.

Provide Offline Functionality

Since the internet connection is available everywhere, most of the apps provide functionality via an internet connection. However, if the users have no internet connection; they will not be able to access the app. Thus, providing an offline feature would be a plus point for you.

Keep Your App simple

If your app has too many steps before leading you to the main object or purpose, then the user may lose focus or interest. They may end up uninstalling it as well. All the mobile apps are simple to use and easy to understand steps. The main goal should be achieved with just a few taps.

Let's give you an example: Facebook or Twitter apps. If you wish to read the tweet or news feed on Facebook, then you are not required to follow the multiple procedure or steps. Just a single tap on the icon and that leads to what you are looking for.

The interface of your mobile app should be seamless, easy-to-use without thinking.

Offer a Free Version of Your App

This is one of the best ways of creating a human chain of users as quickly as possible. Every major premium app was either free initially, or the basic functions of the app are still freely available. Since everyone likes to download any app free, it will eventually increase the users. It gives them a chance to test the application in their own way and give honest feedback. This helps to understand the needed changes if required.

While simply giving a free app will not define the success, but it can certainly increase the number of users and take you in the market to make the way in the competition. Thus, the chances of success for your app will be increased.

Since you offer a free app, it will increase the users faster and also enables your existing users to recommend your app to their friends or colleagues. If the user is happy with your existing app and enjoys it, then they will come to a step forward to unlock content, premium features or even purchase an ad-free version with in-app purchases.

Deliver Real Value

It's really necessary to know how your app creates and delivers real value to the customers. Users are always in a hurry to operate your app with good speed and convenience. As a result, your app must deliver real customer value at every step to drive and encourage loyalty. This value can come in utility, entertainment, convenience, or a range of other areas. If any app is used in various situations and attracts the users with seamless performance, then it has more chances of taking a top position in the list. It is important to have great research for your app and implement it with your idea to ensure that it is successfully delivering the value you intend.


There are many things to consider while developing a mobile app. The more you focus on strategies, the hit and successful your app will be. Every business and mobile developers should remember that the key to App's success lies in these given fundamentals: strategy, insight and ongoing dedication. Ultimately, success lies in delivering user's value and building excellent user experience products.

So, do you have any idea in your mind about the mobile app and found the right mobile app development platform to execute your strategy?

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