A brief introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Dec 19, 2017 in Web Developers Resources
A brief introduction to Progressive Web Apps

While the term Progressive Web App (PWA) was coined by Frances Berriman and Alex Russell in 2015, when they attempted to make apps that could combine the benefits of the experience from using mobile apps with features most modern browsers offered. In Google’s own words, PWAs are reliable, fast and engaging. They utilize modern web capabilities for delivering app-like user experiences.

Since they bring app-like experiences on web browsers, Progressive Web Apps remove the need for installing apps from app stores on a mobile device, effectively putting native apps out of market. There’s a good reason why Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing in the community of web app developers.


Progressive Web Apps are highly reliable. They are made in such a way (and this has become a criteria for assessing whether an app is a PWA or not) that they load instantly, and even under uncertain network conditions, they never give you an error. Now, by this, we don’t mean that they will show you no page instead of showing you an error when there’s an error. When there’s an error on the site, Progressive Web Apps will show you the error, but if there is some network issue wherein the network isn’t stable, they will not show an error and simply load the content of the app as soon as possible. So, effectively, PWAs are loaded quickly, regardless of what the network is.


PWAs are lightning fast. And if you’re Metallica, you might even ride them! Jokes apart, they certainly are fast and quickly respond to the user interactions. They avoid janky scrolling and use silky smooth animations. Being light-weight programs, you will never see any PWA hanging. They not only load quickly, but also work smoothly. This is why there is much speculation about how useful they will turn out to be when used with full efficiency.


Progressive Web Apps are totally engaging. They feel really natural like most apps on mobile devices. With an immersive full screen experience, PWAs keep you hooked day in and day out. They are installable and can be set to be displayed on your home screen without the need for an entry on any of the app stores available.


The Washington Post

If you regularly follow The Washington Post, you might have noticed that their website gives you a default mobile experience. That is because it is now a PWA. In fact, when it came to checking how the performance was affected by the change, it was seen that even though Apple misses out some of the core features of Progressive Web Apps; it improved the experience of the users with 5 times more engagement.


There probably isn’t a single soul in this universe that hasn’t heard of AliExpress, the e-commerce giant. A great brand such as AliExpress couldn’t resist tapping in the powers of PWA, and boys are happy with the results. They combined the best features of the website and the native mobile apps, and launched the Progressive Web App. The duration of the sessions have increased by 74% on an average. Moreover, they saw double conversion rates (on Safari browsers, it increased to 82%). And all of this happened with the help of a PWA.


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