9 tips and tricks for rapid mobile app development

Akansha Pandey
Published on Aug 15, 2017 in App Development
9 tips and tricks for rapid mobile app development

It was said by Carl Sagan:

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on Science and Technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about Science and Technology”

This is equally implemented on mobile app development. There are many enthusiasts in this domain, but certainly some people consider themselves not technically sound. They try to brush off by regarding this to be an elaborate process.

Here we share various tips and tricks that will cut short the elaborate process of mobile app development.

Mockups can be game changers

This is one of the crucial step more likely to be missed by mobile app developers in order to create the things quick, but end up everything futile. Having a mockup is quite essential to make the final delivery as quick as possible. At the beginning of the mobile app development, there are some strong opinions about the final product but even those strong opinions are useless to articulate the sort of end product was intended without a mockup. Mockups allow mobile app developers make sure that they are on the same page as clients.

Agile design and development

To bring Agile design and development relies on the particular needs of mobile app development. It prioritises flexible planning, customer involvement and constant evaluation. The entire concept prioritises simple designs, ability to release in a shorter span of time, proper anticipation of need for changes and team cooperation as well as pair programming. What will reduce the time for mobile app development is the frequent assessment that will certainly end up not only rapid yet effective mobile app development.

Eliminate time-consuming practices

As discussed earlier, mobile app development is considered to be time-consuming. For instance, native apps add different level of capabilities but they need communication and marketing strategies, streamlining hardware on devices and many more. But don’t forget that there are different operating system with different source code in order to run distinctly. Here comes hybrid and cross-platform apps into picture.

See here, we are not getting into the debate of Hybrid versus Native, but trying to figure out the reason considering the procedure to be complex, time-consuming and expensive. These apps are able to operate more than in one platform at a time. It relaxes the app developers without creating separate versions of app code.

Rigorous testing

“Haste can make your hardwork waste” is the way a product is taken care by an entrepreneur, and similarly mobile app developers must be watchful with the app. It must be properly tested, and must be put to quality control. Here professional testers can prove to be effective.

This is although considered to be time-consuming but mind it, you may not intend your potential customers to get frustrated just for the fast accomplishment of mobile app development. All the bugs must be discovered and fixed before handing it over.

Adopt smarter coding

Coding is quite time-consuming that I admit! Recently, I have gone through an article by Techtarget, about rapid mobile app development (RMAD) which is a code-free programming tool. With the ultimate motive to speed up the mobile app development, this is effective to manage well-enough internal apps where coding is essential but try to identify ways to slither those elaborate and time-consuming coding.

Be careful with Code quality

While adopting a smarter code, don’t overlook the quality of coding. It is quite essential to keep in mind that the code must be maintainable as well as readable. These are some of the quality factors that can certainly change the fortune of mobile apps.

Look for tools to automate UI

Robust UI tests must run across native or hybrid mobile apps. They are used to monitor real time user scenarios on real devices to automate UI actions by bringing into use Script-Free record and play. To automate scripts, mobile app development companies can conveniently use like Python, VBScript or JavaScript. What can bring rapid delivery is to integrate the tests into a continuous integration environment as Smartbear.

Bring interactive prototypes

Prototypes play a significant role in order to enable mobile app developers to build, test, iterate and re-iterate. They can be re-built at an affordable cost. As far as mobile UI design is concerned, an interactive prototype plays an essential role.

Do not compromise the app security

Rapid mobile app development without risk management is going to make your efforts fruitless. The increase in the number of cybercrimes can compromise the personal information, as well as key intellectual property. There are various strategies that can be adopted to ensure libraries are updated, proper code reviews by core professionals, etc.

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