8 Tips to Gear Up Your E-commerce Website For The Holiday Festive Season

Bhavesh Parekh
Bhavesh Parekh, Director & Head of Operations at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions
Published on Jul 23, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
8 Tips to Gear Up Your E-commerce Website For The Holiday Festive Season

The holiday season is on. Are you ready?

The festive season is around the corner in the World and in the USA. Marked by occasions such as Independence Day, Good Friday, Black Friday, Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year, the period between August to December is considered ripe by both Online & Offline retailers to ramp up sales. Henceforth, you and your team should have been running after the marketing strategy to push your products on sale. But somehow, you are lacking the strategies on how to implement in the festive season to kick-start the campaign.

The festive season is about to begin, so the retailers or e-commerce businesses across the country are preparing for big sales and promotions for their brands and products. This is especially true of e-commerce businesses, which need to anticipate an influx of website traffic during what's likely to be their biggest sales period of the year. As an e-commerce web app retailer, your website needs to have a good makeover for the season, to help you keep up with your larger competitors.

As per the report of Red Seer Consulting, e-commerce gross sales during the Christmas and the festive season are expected to hit $2.5-3 billion. E-commerce retailers are finding immense potential and opportunity in these days to capitalize their products and services in the global market.

Here, we have listed down some optimization tips for your portal to increase your conversion rate during the big USA festivals.

The makeover of Your Website with an Attractive Festive Looks

Offline retail stores often plan and set up special holiday displays during the shopping season. You can take an idea and implement the same approach to your website portal. For that, your designers really need to work hard to focus on your themed background to make it more eye-catchy. If you are lacking skilled designers and programmers, then you should think of hiring an experienced e-commerce web app development company to do the favor for you. I guess it's the time to start emphasizing on your creative and make your website more seasonal. Dress up and revise your digital content for the festive seasons just like you do your brick and mortar. Hold on to that company who will not only revamp your website but also who will be available to cater your last-minute rush.

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Strength To Handle Holiday Traffic

The festive season is on and you must have been prepared with all your strategies and plans to work out. But what about customer support? Or are you able to get someone on board that can take care of your marketing and selling? Or maybe the efficient team of developers who can handle your customer engagement and traffic on your website?

If you have all the answers to the above questions, then you are ready to run and win the race during the big days.

Optimize Your Website

8 Tips to Gear Up Your E-commerce Website For The Holiday Festive Season

Many online retailers only focus on its look and feel, how user-friendly the website is. But here, they forget the major part while checking out for the product, scrolling down or clicking on the page, it takes too much time while loading your webpage. The problem, however, is that all the large-sized photos and interactive elements could slow your website down significantly.

All the efforts that have been made to make an attractive website could go in vain because the page allows you to stay on a page more than the required time. Because there are chances of 44% of users who would cancel their orders if they find the process very slow. To avoid this type of hazard, you need to make sure that you have website monitoring tools which will alert you of sluggish performance and/or downtime of your website.

Secure Your Website

Before the traffic reaches at your website, first ask some questions that is your website administrator and back-end secure? Are you prepared for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks? Is your Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) server up to date?

Just like an offline store, you have to be more secure while flashing your online sale during the festive seasons. You should be loaded with all the weapons ready to fight against malware or viruses or cyber-attacks or hackers who would damage your website. You have SSL which provides the required cryptographic security needed to provide security to your customer communications.

Highlight Your Offers & Discounts

While reaching out to the heavy audience at this moment, make sure your e-commerce web app has featured holiday offers on your homepage, and update the banner, image of your website, keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) to help users/buyers find your business in top search results. You have to be proactive to keep bombarding the offers and discounts on your social media platforms.

You can use an innovative strategy to increase sales. However, you can give an offer to your loyal and regular customers, so that you can win his/her heart and see you frequently at your store. Eventually, it will help you grow your business sales when customers share your offers with their friends.

Have a Mobile App For Your Website

Smartphones are the most browsing and user-friendly devices that serve as valuable research tools for your e-commerce retail shop. In the era of digital, there are still people who wish to touch and feel the product before purchasing the product. But there are vast pools of people, and also due to the blessing of technology, they wish to touch and feel the product virtually. They prefer browsing the e-commerce web app on their cellular devices.

During the holiday seasons, the users will be using the mobile app to compare prices and products and lookup for coupons for discounts. 40% of shoppers plan to use a retailer app to shop from their phones during the holiday season, and 36% will do the same using the mobile website, making it crucial for retailers to have an optimized mobile strategy.

Always Up For Customer Support

Maintain a strong support system on the back-end to handle increase customer queries and problems during the festive season. This will surely help you maximize conversions if you are able to engage with and guide users when they faced problems. Handling customer complaints and resolving it with a positive manner is paramount to the success of your holiday campaign. Through your chatbot or live chat feature on your website, customers will have a touchpoint for interaction with your brand.

Plan E-mail Marketing, PPC, Paid Advertising Campaign

Researchers have confirmed that marketing is the most effective way to enhance the reach of your business. Therefore, don't stick to the one strategy fits all approach. Opt with many options like Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, PPC, and CPC on different platforms. Before spending too much amount for these paid ads, you should be ready with a planned strategy with appropriate research using the right data and evaluating products that you must monetize to yield maximum returns.

To receive the best results and maximum ROI, you need to run online and offline campaign withstanding the keywords.


It's time to start preparing for unboxing the festive season!

For you, e-commerce retailers, big bucks are early waiting for them on each festive season. It's up to you, whether to earn them or let it go from your hands. So fasten your seat belt, focus, speed up and pump it up. It's high time for you to redesign, remodel, and rekindle your idea and methodology to speed up your e-commerce website. And let your website do the talking.

The above factors clearly demonstrate how a mobile website or app development is becoming crucial for your business growth. If you are looking for similar services, then find out the best web and mobile app development company that provides you with the best mobile app development service, exactly as your business needs.

So if your holiday season prep is not already underway, get cracking!

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