8 indispensable strategies that will decide the fortune of your beauty mobile app

Akansha Pandey
Published on Jun 15, 2017 in App Development
8 indispensable strategies that will decide the fortune of your beauty mobile app
When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.” - Akhenaton

When it comes to beauty, then mobile app development is certainly a unique industry. On one hand, it’s dominated by some of the most classic brands that managed to survive in this impulsive competition, like L’Oreal, founded in the year 1909. On the other hand, there are different opportunities for niche beauty brands in order to disrupt this agile ecosystem.

Initially, technology and beauty were considered as an incompatible match. People like to try on a lipstick or like to smell the perfume before going through the last process of making a purchase. But some of the biggest brands like L’Oreal believe this is not completely true. They consider it a perfect match. Reckoning the data from Telegraph, over the past few years, the company has gone through a drastic digital transformation which can easily be visible with the figure of investment worth 15.7pc of 2014 global media spend in digitisation.

Although it has to be kept in mind that the concept of beauty apps is not new, a new a wave is the updated designs and technologies that have really become quite indispensable to invest all over again to withstand the agile ecosystem. A few years ago, a study published by Kline Group-Digital Going elucidated the fact that beauty apps are yet to be utilised in an optimum manner by US cosmetics players which have highlighted ample opportunities. We have dedicated some of the technologies that have already nailed down mobile apps for other domains but are yet to be a part of the beauty apps. These strategies will not only prove to be a breakthrough but will ensure its long-run survival as well.

Bring chatbots into the domain of beauty mobile apps

Bring chatbots into the domain of beauty mobile apps

While mobile app development has come with a broader space, it is quite evident the level of enthusiasm with the sheer depth of products and content available. Chatbots have become the potential solution in order to give the users ultimate personalisation apart from the targeted user experience.

For inspiration, in various popular messaging apps like Kik users can bring bots into use for any query with Kalani bot questions about CoverGirl products and can also receive coupons apart from recommendations.

Synchronisation with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Synchronisation with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

This is core insight of a customer for high-tech treatments at home that has raised the demand of electronic devices with the ultimate motive to claim ranging from improvising the efficacy of skin care products to anti-salon treatments that can easily be replicated from salon.

But how to nail down these kind of requirements with the help of mobile apps? For instance, beauty brands have started embracing chatbots with the ultimate inspiration from Facebook Messenger with the deployment of premium content.

As far as Augmented Reality is concerned, L’Oreal has been seeing the value of Augmented Reality in the process of their marketing by establishing a partnership with one of the renowned AR Firms: ModiFace. L’Oreal Makeup Genius app and YouCam are some of the flagship apps by the brand and its subsidiaries. They have understood that trying makeup is considered to be one of the time-consuming piece of task. But what Augmented Reality has done is something incredible while expanding the brand’s audience.

Incorporation of modern technology to enhance traditional innovation

Incorporation of modern technology to enhance traditional innovation

Wearable technology is regarded as the forefront considering the consumer’s minds when two years back Apple’s iWatch was considered to be the most anticipated launch in the domain of beauty mobile apps. These apps were used to enhance consumer’s experience with beauty brands irrespective whether smart bracelets, watches, glasses etc.

Considering the current scenario, the technological enhancement in the form of 3D printers can be further incorporated in order to enhance the traditional innovation. Although its utilisation is still restricted to create packaging prototypes, brands are considering its existence the way technology is evolving. With the evolution of personalisation and customisation, 3D printers are expected to enhance customer’s in-store experience over the time.

Now that the wearable technology has strived the level of maturity with unlimited potentiality it has reflected intensified appetite in order to integrate more modern technology into the domain of mobile apps.

How Virtual mobile apps are ensuring the fortune

How Virtual mobile apps are ensuring the fortune

Virtual Reality is considered to be the next frontier, something beyond the Augmented Reality that has made digital makeup try-on to the fore like Perfect365, ModiFace and L’Oreal Makeup Genius. The main function of Virtual Reality has been to captivate consumers’ attention at an individual level.

Virtual Reality though seems to be in its infancy where many beauty brands are yet to take the plunge. Some brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Matrix have used the technology for the purpose of training. Charlotte Tilbury has created a Virtual Reality firm in a first-of-its-kind effort, featuring Kate Moss in order to launch the fragrance Scent of a Dream.

Hence Virtual Reality is looking for more investment in equipment in order to further expand the space. What can enhance ROI is the cost of goggles if somehow equalled or outmatched with the customer’s experience it renders.

Customisation is all it makes

As per freelance beauty expert Bahar Takhtehchian, consumers are turning savvier than they used to be a few years back. The brands are getting their efforts devoted in order to reimagine how everything is purchased from nail art to skin products.

For instance, MatchCo is a mobile app that has really turned out iPhone video camera into a colorimeter in order to ascertain customer’s skin tone. Within minutes, the computer’s technology can blend with the perfect colour straight from Santa Monica fulfilment centre.

Various companies apart from beauty apps like Nike or Reebok have launched customisation programs to see perfect colour match to customers where search engines for make-up are more likely to be focused catering with the self-improving algorithm.

Bring machine learning into proximity

Bring machine learning into proximity

Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, it promises to bring some massive changes in the upcoming years. It has managed to get the highest spotlight in the beauty mobile app sector.

The introduction of machine learning represents a new era of software development and doesn’t look for any special programming in order to accomplish tasks anymore. It elucidates to draw conclusions with the help of analysing information and simultaneous learning during the performance of the program. Although it needs a special programming in order to “teach” machines. At Fluper, we believe to bring machine learning into use with mobile app development.

Reckoning over the data by Bank of America, the market of Artificial Intelligence is expected to extend to $153 billion as compared to $58 billion in 2014, over the next five years. This data can partially make you understand the scale of machine learning.

Rediscover the concept of customer service and interaction

Rediscover the concept of customer service and interaction

While bringing technology in beauty apps, the improvements in beauty mobile apps have been pronounced in terms of customer service and interaction. Considering both in-store and online, it encompasses skin care diagnostic tools from DNA testing to skin analysis with YouTube videos and diagnostic applications with ultimate motive to enhance customer’s experience and at the end, purchasing decision. Some of the digital apps like L’Oreal Makeup Genius aim to offer professional skin care analysis by sitting at home.

This factor must not be overlooked while stuffing the latest technology, the customer service and interaction are equally necessary to decide the fortune of a beauty app.

Outline strategy for payments and delivery of beauty products

There is something beyond the customer experience and innovation where tech companies are participating actively in order to expand the operation to reshape payment and delivery industry. For instance Google Wallet launched by Google and Apple’s Apple Pay has brought into the existence alternative payment methods over the mainstream.

What has turned out to be a popular area is security and convenience which has fulfilled beyond digital wallets. Like the enhancing possibility of monetising tweets, growth of Bitcoin and Amazon’s drone delivery service have proved to be the driving players with the appropriate incorporation of technology in the domain of beauty mobile apps.

Wrapping Note

Undeniably, the fierce landscape in the domain of beauty mobile apps, consumers’ increasing desire as well as capacity to accommodate high innovation are considered to be some of the factors that have made it mandatory to comply with the aforesaid strategies so that they not only enhance the consumer interaction but create a loyalty base in order to ensure long-run survival of the app.

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