7 Ways How IT Consultant Improve Your Business Efficiency

Scarlett Brown
Scarlett Brown, Technical content writer at A3Logics Inc.
Published on Nov 23, 2020 in Cross Platform Developers Resources

IT consultants play a crucial role in modern day companies. We all know how rapidly technology changes on a daily basis. IT solutions assist companies at every step - right from streamlining communication, improving operational efficiency to upgrading customer service levels. To utilize technology in the best possible way, getting expert advice from dedicated IT consulting professionals is a must for companies.

A skilled IT consultant can guide you to utilize software applications in the best possible way, as well as, how to improve the overall efficiency of your IT operations. An expert technology consultant not only allows you to keep up with the changing technology landscape but also make your business more competitive and helps you improve your technology return on investment (ROI).

Addressing this aspect, the article will shed light on the role of IT consultants in transforming your business. But before that, lets first discuss:

What is IT Consulting?

According to Gartner, IT consulting is a type of advisory service that assists companies in everything related to their IT needs. IT consulting primarily focuses on aligning a company’s technology strategies with their wider business and operational strategies or goals.

Similarly, if we talk about IT consulting services providers, they assist you in solving your IT problems, right from suggesting suitable technology solutions to finding a solution for your every little problem related to the IT infrastructure.

An IT consultant can even be an employee in your firm, offering technology advisory services. Their primary objective is to help businesses make the right technology purchases/decisions by offering expert advice.

IT Consulting vs. IT Services

Unlike IT services providers, IT consultants are specialized in one particular technology area/domain (cloud services, network operations, cyber security, finance, HR, etc.) and know exactly what features need to be added to a software solution to make it work for your business.

IT professional services expert, on the other side, works as a solution implementer and knows how to code the functionalities. IT consultant is paid for finding a solution that works right for your business. Whereas, an IT services provider often delivers a solution that is “limited to their toolbox.” For instance, if your services provider is Google, they are likely to give you Google Cloud as the preferred cloud platform - whether or not it’s right for you.

Now, that we’ve discussed the basics of IT consulting, let’s move on to the role of IT consultants in elevating business profits and productivity:

How Can IT Consultant Transform Your Business?

IT Consultants Help You Cut Down Costs

Having an in-house staff for managing your IT infrastructure needs can be pretty costlier. It requires additional expenditure on recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires for IT management. Besides that, you also need to provide staff salaries along with benefits, vacations, and overhead expenses. These cost centers can be minimized with outsourced IT consulting services. Getting services from third-party IT consultants will help you optimize our operational costs and reduce system downtime. Often, IT consultants are brought in by companies for a limited time to solve a specific issue. Therefore, they are cost-effective and help you improve your business productivity.

IT Consultants Offers Robust System Security

Cybersecurity threats can hamper your business reputation badly. You never want your sensitive business information to get in hands of unauthorized people due to your enterprise systems failure. This is where IT security consultants came in handy for you as they analyze risk points in your enterprise IT network and systems, and suggest effective security measures that suit your business. They regularly check for system security vulnerabilities and implement regular updates in your applications to keep malware and viruses away. All of this helps you minimize damage due to security breaches.

IT Consultants Lets You Focus on Your Core Business Operations

Hiring an IT consultant allows your teams to business on performing their main duties or activities that are of strategic importance to your business. You never want to fall behind market competition due to poor business decision making and lack of innovation. For improving business strategic capabilities, giving enough time to your employees for thinking “out-of-the-box” and delivering unique market solutions are vital. By transferring IT administration tasks to an outsourced consulting team, you can utilize your in-house resources in the best possible way. This also lets you run your operations smoothly with any major IT infrastructure problem.

Minimal Technology Errors

Technology is the most disrupting factor in today’s business landscape. It can make or break a business in no time. To leverage technology to its fullest potential, it’s important to get the assistance of experts who know how to use it for improving your business capabilities. For instance, when you want to deploy cloud solutions in your business, it’s important to hire an experienced cloud consultant who can guide you in your cloud migration journey by devising a solid cloud transformation strategy. By working with an industry expert, you increase the likelihood of your project success with near-perfect execution.

Access to the Industry’s Top Talent and Knowledge Pool

In business, economies of scale also give you a fair advantage over rivals. This also applies to the IT services field. But, when you’re a small software development company, benefiting from it isn’t possible. To avoid this you can hire services from an experienced consulting firm with specialized resources. As a small business when you hire a consultant with decade-long experience and an expert talent pool, you can tap into their knowledge to receive the best advice, same as elite businesses in your domain. The economies of scale advantage line gets blurred here thanks to the third-party consultant that lets you access expertise outside your regular areas without incurring heavy costs.

Get Unique Insights about your IT Infrastructure/Operations

An outside perspective about your existing IT infrastructure and operations is always good to find out hidden loopholes or errors faster. When a fresh set of eyes examine your enterprise systems, errors are spotted quickly since it does not involve people who have been associated with your IT projects before. Getting expert guidance from IT consultants can help you recognize what’s working and what needs improvement. These people have decade-long experience of working on varied projects across industries and know what measures will be most effective for your business. They also bring in fresh ideas and viewpoints for ROI optimization that may not be visible earlier to your team.

IT Consultants Optimize Your Team Productivity

Your team productivity gets improved significantly when an outsourced IT consultant works as a supporting arm for your business. Often, companies hire technology consultants to figure out ways for optimizing their IT processes, infrastructure, as well as, their in-house team’s productivity. Technology resources - right from cloud-based central databases, mobile platforms, file servers, and many others should be implemented in a well-planned way to realize their maximum benefits.

IT consultants make this process easier by helping your in-house teams in homogenizing your IT infrastructure. The resultant consistency further streamlines your business process and reduces costs related to IT support. Besides that, an IT consultant also helps your teams manage tasks like network & data security, software updates, and more - that would otherwise be monotonous for your employees.


Finding an ideal IT consultant for your business can be tricky due to the presence of multiple similar options. So, instead of figuring out multiple solutions, focus on sticking to an option that best suits your business needs and goals. Also, don’t forget to make a proper market research before making your final choice. Seek out a consultant who has extensive experience and a proven track record. Choosing the right IT consultant can accelerate your business growth as you get expert advice on how to utilize your technology resources in an optimal way. Not only do they streamline your routine operations but also help you cut down unnecessary costs by suggesting the best technology solutions and implementation options. Round-the-clock support is also available from the top industry experts when you work along with an expert IT consulting partner.

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