7 habits that startup owners should adopt today

7 habits that startup owners should adopt today

While there are many lists and online how-to guides available that claim to help you in building up your startups, there is less content on what you as an entrepreneur can do to change the fate of your startup.

Becoming a successful startup owner definitely does not involve setting major lifetime goals or substantial lifestyle transformations, rather organize what you do and make it easy to be more productive.

Time is money. And by all means, every startup owner must deliberately put efforts to save it.


Being busy never entails being productive. Startups are often prone to get busy in mundane tasks and expect productivity out of it. If it will repeat, make a system for it. Having everything organized will save you time and will give you space to utilize it for a better use. The art of stipulating a system to get the things done in time and in a precise manner is a growth strategy found rare in bootstrap mobile app startups.

Out of multiple tools available in the market to automate repetitive tasks, the most useful tools are Sanebox, Dashlane, LastPass, and IFTTT. The most relevant out of all these tools is IFTTT because it lets you set up triggers for almost everything. Once you set up the command you won't have to do that task manually again.

The crux is you become more productive by eliminating all the tasks that can be handled by others or technology. Either use the apps which are already available or you can always hire skilled app developers, like the app developers from Consagous in Texas, to develop a unique app customized to your needs.


Those who tell stories are the survivors of what could have completely destroy their existence. That directly means they were better.

Your struggle teaches you perfection every day and the footage of your struggle depends on the way you narrate it. So everything depends on your narration or your storytelling skills because, they matter.

Pitching ideas and products is the part and parcel of an entrepreneur's life. The essential element is how compelling your pitch was. To get exponential growth every year, you must source new investors or work on new business ideas, and all this depends upon how you make people understand that the product on the table is the revolution of this century.


You might find yourself caught up in the discussion of a football game, which is obviously exciting, as you have watched the match in the first person but it is nothing more than a needless distraction.

Remarkable startups develop a habit of tracing and eliminating needless distractions and yield more productivity.


The best marketing punch line won't strike in your head on Day 1. Only constant split testing and iteration of the best results will get you closer to success.

Split testing involves testing different ideas on the same audience and keep track of responses received. This way, one is able to learn which idea performed the best and can be used in the future.

For instance, testing different subject lines on the same email database and keeping track of the number of clicks received will get you a bunch of perfect subject lines that worked.

The split test is a reliable method and should be leveraged for all possible purposes by startups.


80% of results are derived from 20% of work portfolio, a strange but true phenomenon. Chalk out the irrelevant 80% and focus on the 20% that will actually drive results and will help you survive in the long term.


Again, 20% of the factors are the cause of 80% of your problems. An inquisitive approach towards finding the reason for all your problems will help you eliminate the 80% of them. This approach is fruitful in the long-term and will save you from ascribing baseless blame on your team.


As much as it is relevant to keep your work life sorted, your personal life needs some degree of organization too.

You should have essential apps on your phone so that you don't have to worry about losing track of time or missing an essential doctor's appointment or forgetting to stop by a grocery store.

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