6 UX Practices to Uplift the User Experience

Ayush Kanodia
Published on Jul 01, 2019 in App Development

You know what this app really annoys me, and every time I try to perform any activity it crashes…Oh no! not again, I cannot handle the unnecessary chaos of this app, it comes with a baggage of advertisements, which I cannot handle at any given cost…

These are some of the convo experts, which we all get to hear on a daily basis around us. It clearly depicts that a mobile app which is a piece of convenience for all of us, but that same convenience can be turned into a piece of burden, which everyone wants to get rid of, once the tumultuous wind around turns toxic, owing to roadblocks it gets from the patchy user experience.

OOOHHH, what am I even talking about???

Is this some sort of code language???

Am I referring to a specific situation???


My entire focus is majorly driven onto one fact only which suggests that user-experience if jumbled up too much, can only disturb the flow of the efficient UX and bring your consumers one step closer to your competitors only.

Yes, you read right, a grumpy user-experience can only trigger the competition bug to swell up further and engulf your business, and therefore you need to take extra precautions before making a move with the app user experience.

Are you wondering how to attain it? Well, on an honest note, it is not a tough task to be achieved, but a handful of essentials have to be considered before setting your business strategy out and then you can unleash a whole glut of revenue befits to befallen on your business.

However, this very set of essential can be achieved by following some of the tricks and the proven practices in your development journey. In this blog post, we have covered those practices, just read ahead…

What is User Experience?

On a broader scale, if I have to explain what UX is all about? The UI/UX design services consist of everything which clearly affects the user’s interaction and perception of your app, and when it comes to mobile app, then UX turns out to be more précised and specific, and becomes everything ranging from practical, experimental, meaningful, effective, and valuable characteristics, which further explains the services offered by the app in a comprehensive and engaging manner t the audience. 

UX Design is ALL About USERS

Every mobile app designer is well-equipped with the significance of UX, but sadly not every UX designer is able to cover every detail of the interactions that are supposed to take place between a user and a mobile app. 

It goes without saying, but such catastrophic situation leads to a more grave condition, wherein not understanding the user behavior, can never satisfy user needs and expectations, and finally bring the gift of uninstalling, which is never favored by any app owner. 

A successful UX design must be an outcome of a complete understanding of user behavior, motivations, goals, requirements while complementing the app’s specific genre.

Best practices to enhance the user experience

1. Seamless onboarding

When was the last tie, you were invited to a friend's home, and to reach his home you had to cross 60 stairs and on ringing the bell, the house help asked you 10 different types of questions?

The mere thought of such a scenario gives you goosebumps, and you really think of avoiding such a creepy situation in real life. 

Well, sadly this is the same situation your audience also goes through when they first time visits your app, and a long list of questions along with forcefully obtaining your personal details, welcome you. indeed in such scenario, no user wants to stay back on the app and would prefer to quit.

Hence it is your foremost action, to reduce the excessive steps of the onboarding, and keep it as simple with access from social media accounts, this enables the audience to enjoy the onboarding without being stressed.

2. Keep usability minimalistic yet engaging

Many times it has been observed that mobile app designers, in order to practice the best and unique strategy, try to fit in the elements which are not usual, this is done to beat the competition and make the app DIFFERENT than others.

But in this quest, most of the time, something abnormal comes into existence, which results into something OVERDO of the layout of information, design, content, and other elements, which further turn out to be very hard for the audience to grasp.

To avoid the glitch of this chaos, it is advised to keep the design minimal and constant throughout the app. If on the very first page a green button is shown for the active state, then on the rest of the pages as well, the green button must complement the design.

3. Include a search button

A mobile app offers a set of different functionalities and the features and not every user at all times, is in situation to sit back and search for the specific product or service, hence this may lead to an obstruction in the flawless app flow, so don’t forget to include the search button in your app, this will allow users to search the features or the products as per their specific needs and further as per their own convenience.

4. Add only the required functionalities

It is indeed a very interesting point to be addressed. When you launch a new mobile pp, there you allow your audience to come in terms with your app and understand its functionalities and the features in deep. 

In such condition, you need to go gradually with the introduction of the features & functionalities. This will give some time to your users to get educated about your app and get used to of its offered features, hence launching only the REQUIRED functionalities or the features in the first go, is always a smart decision.

Don’t include everything in one go, but first, let your audience get used to of existing features and functionalities and then keep bringing more in the upcoming app updates.

5. Never fiddle with security 

Security in the mobile app is always expected to be an integral part of the app development. When users first time land on the app, and use its features, they don’t expect any sort of data breach or security-hack there, rather they trust you as a brand, and willing share their data.

Therefore, you need to create a shield against any sort of cyber attack/ cybercrime or security issue within the app, so when users load their details on the app, they would stay confident of using your app.

6. Pick the right time for rating & reviews

I concur rating & reviews matter to you most, as they help in improving the app ranking on the stores and trigger the downloads, but believe me asking for rating & review at the wrong time, can also be a cause to experience the app uninstall. To learn about the right time and place.

Albeit, the right time and right place are two difficult aspects to be addressed, but this is where you need to invest your time and figure out. The perfect moment can be, when the user has accomplished a task or a level, or when the user has got specific service on time.

These are the moments when the user is glad enough to share some good words about your app.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the practices which if followed well can help the app to experience the best UX, but one thing you need to be assured of that it is not that easier to fuse the incredible user-experience within the app, as it comes along with the exposure and the skills your app development team holds to shift away the cluster of dissatisfaction associated with your app.

At WebClues Infotech, we strongly consider these 6 strategies religiously in each of our developed solutions, this helps us to shape out your dream concept and transform it into a customer-centric solution through our experience and unmatchable skill-set.

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