6 questions you need to ask to spot the best app developer for your startup project

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Published on Oct 11, 2016 in App Development
6 questions to ask a mobile app development company, Space-O

Whether you’re a big brand or just starting your startup, it’s of utmost importance to hire only the best developers for your startup app development project. It is generally pretty easy to differentiate who isn’t one of the best developers, but spotting and selecting the best app developer or development company for your project requires careful consideration.

To spot the best app developer for your startup growth, the interview is the most important stage when you’re looking for programmers to hire. This interview process helps you understand how much experience the developer has, how they’ll approach your work, and how they will develop your startup product app that stands out from competition. And since it requires careful consideration, Space-O Technologies has prepared 6 questions for you to ask the mobile app developers to find the best ones.

What type of projects have you worked on previously?

You might have already reviewed their portfolio and CV and you might be also familiar with the type of projects the developer has worked in the past, but still it’s important to have them walk through their history.

While doing so, please pay complete attention how they describe it, on which part they usually focus the most, the tasks they have on their hands and remember to listen to all these intently and notice on which part they get most excited about. With this, you’ll be able to predict whether they’ll be happy working on your project as well as you or not!

How do you deal with conflict?

This is an important question because it will determine how the mobile app developer will react or deal if conflict arises while developing your product. So, the first thing to observe here is, how does the developer react? Does he freak out? Are they scared? Or does the mobile app development company come directly to you with the problem? Do they first find the tools required to solve the conflict on their own?

Observe what’s the answer about this question. Do they answer confidently or not? Do they feel nervous? If the development company is the best, they’ll most probably say that they’ll always find solutions no matter what.

Why were you selected by your previous clients?

You’ll get to know all the skills about the developer in this question. Their answer will include their every skill, leaving nothing out. But why is it important to ask this question?

Well for starters, you’ll know if the developer has the required skills for your product development and startup growth or not.

Will you be able to meet our project timeline?

If you’re on a tight timeline, then you need to clear that out with you’re interview. It is because most of the developers work on multiple projects simultaneously. But, if the company has more than two projects on their plate, then it’s better for you not to hire them. Now, it doesn’t mean that they won't have the right skills or aren’t fit for your project, but the balance between your project and other clients’ project won’t be maintained properly.

What would you do if you missed a deadline?

You can determine whether the developer is good at project management or not. Also, it’ll determine whether the developer is effective at communicating or not. Average mobile app developers will always over communicate near deadlines. But only the best app developers will give you an appropriate notice in advance and explain why and when the deadline will be met.

If I hired you for my startup project, what would you do on first day?

The reason behind this question: you’ll know how the developer approaches and prioritizes the work. The average mobile app development companies are more likely to say that they’ll start working on your project immediately. But this isn’t the proper and organized approach.

However, the best app developers take their time for project organization and planning to complete your startup project. And this is what you should be looking for. This is a special skill that best developers poses. It’s just not about developing your product, but it’s also about ability to prioritize and plan.

Final thoughs

These are the most important development interview questions that’ll help you differentiate the best app developer among all. And while these 6 questions can help you take the conversation beyond details, we at Space-O would suggest to have the interview in person, rather than using video tools.

Additionally, these questions are also helpful when you’re hiring a mobile app development company for your startup project. They’ll help you determine what type of approaches a development company follows and how different it is from the independent contractors.

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