6 major pitfalls to avoid on mobile app development

Published on Nov 17, 2016 in App Development
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Mobile apps are one of the vital factors that contribute to increase the chances of success for a business. This is because mobile apps tend to provide a direct gateway to a large base of users all over the world.

Apps help in paving the way for the businesses to tap into the audience and boost revenue generation. However, the process of mobile app development can prove to be a complex process. Especially it becomes daunting when you try to develop an app that caters to the requirements of both your organization and the users you are targeting. The mobile app development company Clavax thinks that its not only that, mobile app developers often commit mistakes that make all efforts go in vain.

That is why Clavax' team has laid out 6 pitfalls that should be avoided to develop a magnificent mobile app that’s able to catch the eye of the users, engage them and make them fall in love with it. Let get started!

Getting along with a wrong partner

Before contacting a mobile app development company, it is mandatory to get a prior information about it whether the company has worked on similar projects in the past. Moreover, it's equally important to look at the fact that the developers have the required expertise to carry out the successful mobile app development process. All in all, you need to find a mobile app development company that has the necessary experience and expertise to guide you along your way.

Doing the vice versa can often prove to be detrimental to your plans and steer your ride in a path that you would not want yourself ending into. Most of the pitfalls that we’re going to discuss below are often a result of the misunderstanding of expectations by mobile app development companies.

Failure in understanding audience’s expectations

This problem is often faced in a situation when a business is rushing the launching of its mobile app in app stores. According to a report by Statista, 100 Billion apps were downloaded from Apple's app store in 2015. These figures are enough to testify about the fierce competition between businesses all around the globe. Here, if your mobile app is not attractive then there are high chances of users turning away from your app.

This is often a result of lack of research about the user base that the business is planning to target. A careful planning acts as the cornerstone in the app design and development process. For example, if your business is looking to target working professionals, then it should not look like one built for teen-agers.

Imitating the A-listers

It is often tempting to copy from the apps that have topped the charts and have been the reason for buzz all around the globe. However, it does not imply that the factor that proved successful for them would work wonders for your mobile app too. Moreover, if you provide a knockoff of the existing popular apps, there are high chances that your mobile app might get rejected from app stores.

What would be recommended here is to take some inspiration from their success story and come up with your own innovative idea that would make you stand apart from the crowd. In fact, it is interesting to look at the fact that most of the apps that made it big in the industry had something new with them that went on attracting the users.

mobile app development Clavax

Including unnecessary features

When you start with an idea, there is a need to stick with that and carry on with it. Here, try to avoid adding endless additional functionalities. Just focus on the core service that you plan to deliver to the users.

For example, if your target is to provide a healthcare mobile app that serves the function of connecting the doctors with the patients, then you should stay away from adding extra functionalities that would deviate your goal from providing the service that you intended to bestow in the beginning.

Moreover, most of the mobile apps are highly result oriented. Users just require information in a quick span of time, and yes, in an easy manner. They avoid searching through the plethora of screens and options. The higher number of options available, the higher will be the degree of confusion faced by your users. Consequently, they would end up dumping your app and start using one of the competitors.

Insufficient testing

One of the major pitfalls that companies often tend to come across during the mobile app development process is the lack of testing before the launch. This, in turn, could invite some really devastating consequences.

So, in order to avoid this situation, now that you have developed a mobile app with its own unique element, it is highly required to entrust a small group of reliable people other than your mobile app developers to carry out beta testing. This plays an important part in overall mobile app testing strategy.

Ineffective post development strategy

If you think that your work is over after the development of the app and the developed masterpiece is enough to help you make it big in the market, then you are wrong! On one hand where a fine chef-d'oeuvre is necessary for you accelerating the chances of success, on the other hand the inefficiency in app rolling out strategy can devour all your hard efforts put in the creation of the app.

Most of the companies tend to believe that this process needs to be carried out during the post-development period, however, it would be advised to gather your marketing team and developers in the early phase of development and devise ways for sharing your newly created app with the target audience.

To conclude, mobile apps are going to stick with us for a long time to come as these are an important part of an innovative development that has happened in the history of human civilizations, yes you’re right, our mobile phones. When developing a mobile app for your business it would be important to take into consideration that it requires a significant investment of vision, time and resources.

That is why it is necessary to keep the pitfalls in your mind before initiating the process of mobile app development so that you can play safe in the game and give rise to something that holds the ability to uplift your business to a whole new level. If you are faced with confusion, you can get in touch with a skilled team of ios/android app developers that can provide effective solutions for all your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Get your app developed from a leading app development company like Clavax and watch your business ascend to new heights!

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