6 growing trends that have boosted up chatbots

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Aug 03, 2017 in App Development
6 growing trends that have  boosted up chatbots

Chatbots have the ability and the potentiality to replace human work force in the near future. Artificial Intelligence technology embedded bots are sophisticated enough to have a fluent and free flow of verbal conversation with the user.

The rate in which Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality concepts are getting gradually imbibed into every framework, many professions will cease to exist for humans. Big companies are looking for ways to cut down the unnecessary employment of key resources for tasks that, otherwise, can be easily performed by a mobile app or any other smart technology. This measure is taken to cut down organizational cost and optimum utilization of the existing skilled human resource. The year 2017 is about to witness few growing trends in this technology.

To begin with the topic, it is important to understand the chatbots first.


You probably have come across this term that has been doing the rounds pretty recently. Let me help you with the meaning of the term.

Juniper Research defines bots or chatbots as,

“a computer program utilising technology designed to simulate conversational interactions with human users, which may also include automated processes triggered from these interactions.”

In simple words, we can say that bots are a computer-generated program that indulges in a verbal communication with the user in the language that the user can understand. It has the embedded intelligence to recognize the user-intent and context and verbally responds to the user query, keeping up with the business rules and organizational data. And the growing market situation is popularizing this technology.


Mobile messenger domination

The chat messengers have gained a momentum in recent times, holding hands of Apple, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and many more. We prefer to drop a message in messengers such as WhatsApp, rather than calling up the company or person. Some business people choose this platform to exchange conversation, share crucial data and other important stats, instead of mailing them.

There are two recent report analysis: Most famous social network sites worldwide as of April 2017, ranked by number of active users (in millions) and Most popular mobile messaging apps worldwide as of January 2017, based on number of monthly active users (in millions).

WhatsApp itself has 1.2 million users and Facebook tops the list with 1.97 billion users for the year 2017.

WhatsApp is definitely the most sought after messaging app for the current year.

App fatigue

There is a growing fatigue among extensive apps users. This is definitely the crucial and rising trend in the app world. Till date, there may be millions of mobile apps released. Smartphone users are practically tired of installing, updating and learning about new applications built on iOS and Android platforms. As per business firms, to spend high on developing business apps as well as maintaining and marketing the same, only to discover the limited number of their app users, ends the story for them.

It is not feasible for every app user to get all the mobile applications, available in the app stores installed on their device. An individual can have not more than 30 applications in a mobile phone.

Support from Facebook, Microsoft and other top leaders

The year of 2016 bought fresh support from top leaders like Facebook and Microsoft. Microsoft announced it’s bots framework on March 2016 and Facebook explained its intention to develop a long-term strategic partnership with chatbots on April 2016.

Dramatic reduction in the overall chatbot development cost

Chatbots are very simple to develop and easy to maintain in comparison to the mobile applications. The latest advances made in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition and other leading technologies can be lucratively imbibed to in building up a highly sophisticated and multi-featured chatbot at a relatively low cost. Few major software companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have released many advanced development tools and frameworks free of cost and vast amounts of research data to enable the easy and quick programming of them.

The key advantages of conversational marketing

  • Create awareness
  • Convert awareness into action
  • Provide a two-way communication
  • Good platform to have an insight into the purchase behavior of the users.

High demand for personalized customer service

Customers prefer to ask queries or obtain any kind of customer support in the form of text messages instead of mailing or calling the customer care service. If they get the WhatsApp number, this becomes the icing on the cake. They prefer to chat or have a verbal conversation via a messaging app or with a bot present on the company’s website rather than taking the pain to compose a complaint mail or make a phone call and stay on the line for an executive to attain their issue.

Summing up

The current picture on the rising trends reveals that chatbots are here to stay and they are making a quick and gradual progress, evolving and finding new features or applications to cash on. Bots will continue to solve issues for companies and individual users. It is quite likely that customer care executives and sales representatives might end up losing their job in the near future. There are few drawbacks also. But that is a different chapter altogether.

In order to see the future of Chatbots, all you have to do is to wait and observe.

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