6 blunders that can endanger the survival of a food-delivery app

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Aug 29, 2017 in App Development
6 blunders that can endanger the survival of a food-delivery app

A couple of years ago, a group of people decided to create an app, Zomato, that could aid travellers and tourists to choose appropriate restaurants. In just a single app, all types of restaurants were introduced continuously, from fine dining, pictures of the dishes and of the restaurants too. With comprehensive features and functionalities, the app has brought radical change to the way people choose restaurants and cuisines.

As an entrepreneur you can’t afford any mistake. So, it is essential to enumerate all the blunders that make the survival of a food app endangered.


Zomato is a mobile app where various restaurants are striving to become a part of the landscape. There are innumerable food-delivery mobile apps but creating a mobile app like Zomato can have a cost where the break-even point is quite difficult to be reached. Unnecessary features rely on the business scale, and in case you have endorsement for your million dollar idea, then unnecessary features not only cost you big bucks but can irritate your existing customers.

For instance, LiveChat is necessary until the point of maturity has been strived. Since it can easily be conveyed with normal text, adding chat takes not only considerable time but not all users will like it. Some of the mobile platforms do not support apps where users are not able to type at the lightning speed. It enhances the chances of getting prank chats. Similarly, live tracking on delivery people is one of the expensive features that although integrated in top-notch food apps, it is not necessary for those who have just entered the domain of mobile app development.


According to Proto.io, response time is considered to be the most frustrating part as far as user experience is concerned. But it can easily be tailored according to the anticipation. Users in food-delivery apps are more likely to prefer visual confirmation in order to render aesthetic choice.

It is advisable to create UI customising the needs and preferences of customers, like in the Zomato app.


Thinking about creating a mobile app like Zomato to fulfil your food-delivery app objectives is the initial part of committing a faux pas. Zomato app was separated into two parts: Zomato restaurant Finder and Zomato Order. Each group has its respective set of features in a mobile app which might be not understood by the appreneurs.

If you are looking to create a food-delivery app, keep in mind that it will be targeting both the restaurateurs and restaurant goers. Here come the app’s overall objectives into the picture. There are a separate set of strategies in order to increase the table turnover at a particular period of time or increase delivery orders. Although mobile app is the opportunity to cater each and every problem of restaurateur, ambiguous product strategies will ruin the yield of the mobile app.


It is true that up to certain extent route optimisation has been a game changer in the domain of logistics as well as last-mile delivery sector which has simplified the delivery industry i.e. cost and quality. Hence the importance of route optimisation is no longer needed to explain. In the food-delivery apps, if the route optimisation software is not properly integrated, then mind it live tracking and accessing real-time data will be out of the reach for restaurants. Mobile apps will be spun around long delivery times with deteriorated turnaround times which will make end-to-end delivery turmoil.


Ratings play an influential role in order to rank organically amongst the millions of the users that look for a particular level of visibility. But how will you evaluate 3 stars? Although I can differentiate food to be either good or bad, a middle way can be arduously defined. Simple feedback is not only easy to be understood by the customers but restaurants as well, consider this area of improvement.


Leveraging the latest technology is always welcome. iBeacon can be used to give notifications about special offers. Even personalised coupons can be integrated to give users a more personalised attention but appreneurs might still be afraid to integrate it because of its cost.


Zomato is one of the top notch food apps. It is good to keep it as an example to follow, but your customer wants something beyond the services that Zomato offers. So, instead of tailoring your app according to an existing food-delivery app, try to make it customised according to your business model. Who knows, maybe your food-delivery app may be listed on top of the charts with a top notch mobile app strategy.

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