5G will change mobile apps

Published on Jul 04, 2016 in App Development
5G will change mobile apps

By 2020, Wi-Fi and cellular networks will only satisfy the 81% of mobile and content traffic demands. As a consequence, companies like T-Mobile, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Cisco, Vodafone or China Mobile are working right now towards the development of 5G.

The growth of social media, on-demand content platforms and the development of the smartphone market including more powerful devices with better functionalities, have changed the habits of users and now communications need to be better than ever. The deployment of 5G networks presents certain benefits in terms of security, speed, reliability, latency, and energy that will allow the expansion of new markets and case uses, being especially important its applications on the Internet of Things.

In addition, these companies usually through partnerships, are working not only on developing 5G in itself but other network-related technologies such as active antennas or C-RAN that will support 5G and improve communication, as we know it right now.

5G, speed that will change the mobile technology

Mobile app development is moving towards more complex apps in terms of functionalities and design. At the same time, users demand to be connected on the go with consistent access to data no matter if they are in crowded areas, public transportation or indoor. 5G will extend the possibilities that current networks like 4G LTD offer at this moment, improving not only the user experience but also the mobile App market.

The innovation behind 5G is related to different aspects of technology but the most important are:

  • High-speed wireless connectivity: 5G will improve the communication in crowded or remote areas
  • Quick reaction time: 5G reduces to 1 millisecond or less
  • Long-lasting battery life: 5G will enable IoT devices with a battery life that is 10 times longer than today

Applications that right now take minutes to download, under 5G, will be available in just seconds. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, with gigabit-per- second speeds. There is no doubt that 5G is the next major step of telecommunications standards. 5G will be characterized by its high speed and lower latency that will move us towards life automation. Billions of smart objects and devices will be connected. 5G will extend the app market as we know it right know because the possibilities for app development will be huge.

5G will change mobile apps

How 5G will change mobile app development

It seems that 5G will be in place sometime between 2018 and 2020, so it is highly recommendable to start thinking about what 5G means for mobile app developers, and what are the possibilities that this technology offers to developers.

When facing mobile app development, it is necessary to consider network requirements and devices features, in order to guarantee that the app works correctly while it meets users’ expectations. 5G will improve drastically those areas in terms of:

  • Security: especially for network slicing, trusted computing or alternative ways of handling user identities
  • Possibility to add new functionalities: speed and latency constraints will stop being a problem what will allow us to include new functionalities to our applications
  • Immersive augmented reality and 3D gaming: 5G will have an impact on the development related to these emerging areas
  • New case uses and new mobile apps: for example related to child monitoring or smart biker-helmets since 5G allow better movement connection
5G will change mobile apps - internet of things

5G and the Internet of Things

5G offers the possibility to send and receive data almost instantly, what opens the doorto a new generation of IoT functionalities. It seems that from all technologies the Internet of Things will be one of the main beneficiaries of 5G networks: low latency and extended battery life are only some of the benefits that 5G brings to the development of the internet of things.

5G will allow the improvement and development of those areas of Internet of things were the difference between 40 milliseconds and 2 milliseconds is crucial. The low latency that 5G presents will be very important for driveless cars where the collision with a nearby car depends on data exchange or for remote operations. But the low latency will have real- time applications on the internet of cars or virtual reality healthcare also it will also have an important role in the development of smart cities, manufacturing and logistics.

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