5 ways a hypermedia API simplifies e-commerce

by Endive Software on Sep 13, 2017 / App Development
5 ways a hypermedia API simplifies e-commerce

The advent of the internet has revolutionized our different aspects of life. Whether it is communication, financial management, task scheduling or shopping, it has transformed the way we deal in this real world.

E-commerce is one of the latest addition to the shopping experience of customers around the world. It has enabled the customers to shop as their wish without any physical constraint, from anywhere, at any time. E-commerce websites have sprung all across the market providing best services to the customers. E-commerce website development has gone through various changes and improvements which are visible in current e-commerce websites serving millions of customers on a daily basis.

Many companies are trying to develop and enhance their e-commerce website to reach out to a larger customer base around the world. Companies now wish to engage with more number of customers in different ways and numerous environments. However, with all the presence of digital experience, the most difficult aspect is the consistency.

It is pertinent that customers should not only take note of the technology but also recall the experience they have. It is quite a gigantic task for any e-commerce system and challenge to any e-commerce development company. As per various experts in e-commerce, getting the perfect combination to achieve the best e-commerce platform by considering various factors is a difficult task. It comprises of three important complexity layers.

Complexity related to State and Data

Numerous elements of e-commerce, including pricing, products, shipping details and order status, lead to interaction between the various aspects of a website and subsequently affect various systems.

Complexity in Integration

E-commerce sites are the connection between customer aspects such as CMS or mobile apps and systems such as inventory or ERP. Any customer can undergo an experience resulting from over 15 technologies working in tandem with each other. For every e-commerce web developer, this is quite an important aspect when developing the e-commerce application or website.

Complexity in Customization

Purchasing books is a whole different experience than shopping for fashion accessories. Various types of buying require various states which vary with time during customers’ walk through on the website. It is quite important for the mobile app and website developers to know the various complex customizations entitled with it to make a necessary addition to the website.

It is important for any e-commerce website development company to keep the things simple and avoid complexity at all cost. It requires comprehensive planning and strategy to get a simple ecommerce website.

Hypermedia-state-of-the-art e-commerce solution

After considering various API styles such as templated REST, SOAP, Elastic Path, we rejected all of them. They moved to level three REST which was recently renamed as Hypermedia.

As per Elastic Path, they settled for Hypermedia API as it offered both simplicity of usage along with extensions which were required to address the complexity issue. Developers involved in Magento e-commerce development have been facing this complexity issue for quite some time, and Hypermedia provided the answer.

Hypermedia utilizes two concepts, resources and relationships. Resources such as carts, products or profiles have a relationship with each other. Like a product has an inherent relationship to price.

In order to access the Hypermedia API, the customer has to go to the HomePage which provides a list of links in order to initiate the navigation. Each of these link leads to another link. The customer can also add, alter or delete any link as per their wish.

In order to use Hypermedia API at best of its capabilities, it is important to understand the resources as well as relationships along with knowing how to access the API.

List of Hypermedia advantages


This API provides the user the capability to follow different links in order to find required content and links. It helps the e-commerce web developers in a great deal as they don’t have to go through the lengthy documentation and can easily use the API.


Using this API, you can personalize as well as customize the content for each customer. It allows you the ability to change the API according to the customer profile and provides them with capabilities as per their role. You can also add or remove links. This form of contextuality plays an important role in the presentation layer. The clients can use the API without any need of going through the context as they don’t require it. This plays an important role in e-commerce website development.


Most of the reactive clients can both recognize as well as react, according to resources such as price or product, but they don’t have corresponding business knowledge. Decisions are taken care by the server and presented as links in this API. This API offers links to the client which allows the clients to reach out to different touch points swiftly and with simplicity. This allows the developers of any e-commerce development company to make responsive websites that suit best with the clients.


Using this API, all the user has to do is add the resources and establish a relationship in the form of a link to any existing resource in order to make a personalized user experience. It allows you to make a product sale and market it, choose the content as per the profile of the user and also filter various recommendations. If you wish to remove any resource such as pricing, then all you have to do is remove the link without even modifying the product itself. This is an important aspect to be kept in mind during Magento e-commerce development.


As the number of touch points related to the customer increases with time, stability becomes a vital aspect. In case you have many touch points and different application versions, then it becomes quite an issue when some touch points remain in a hardware that can’t be updated. Some of them may stay on various mobile devices when the client doesn’t agree to update, or the vendor is unable to offer updates. Talking of these new touch points, there are new ones such as connected cars, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. A developer in any e-commerce website development company should have the knowledge to make the API resilient especially because of the various clients and their different abilities to access the API at any time. Hypermedia offers the perfect state of stability as well as simplicity.

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