5 Tips to Boost App User Engagement

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Published on Jul 10, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
5 Tips to Boost App User Engagement

The number of downloads is not the only criteria for app success. User engagement and retention are one of the most important metrics that are able to get your app to top in App Store or Play Market.

Apart from the pure marketing, there are tech nuances that affect the User engagement in your mobile app. Web and mobile app development company Umbrella IT selected the different aspects that should be anticipated in advance at the development phase.


Step back and take a look at your app as it were the first time you see it. Is your app actually comfortable to interact with? Your mobile interface may be great on the surface but start to use it and you soon find out that the most crucial factor was neglected: the ergonomics.

The users want the app interface to be both intuitive and ergonomic. The best way to find a universal solution and cover all basis is to focus on the heat maps for mobile touchscreen ergonomics. As you can see in the picture below, a standard screen is divided into easily-accessible, hard-to-reach and neutral areas:

5 Tips to Boost App User Engagement

Touchscreen navigation is a useful reminder that the basic functionality of the app should be positioned in the central area so a user could easily reach it by holding a phone with one hand.

User prompts

How to hold user attention if he just installed your app? It’s easier than you think - utilize user prompts. They are not only absolutely essential when it’s a first-time experience, but also improve user experience throughout the whole interaction in general.

Let your app direct users: provide the most complex functions with comments, recommendations, and clues to guide users. However, it’s better to make prompts optional since some users want to feel like explorers studying the app on their own.


As one of the most convenient and effective communication channels with the target audience, push-notifications are a great way to remind users about your app.

However, the marketing strategy must be thought through. Irrelevant and too frequent messages are irritating and feel like clutter. Be sure your push-notifications are only for the most important events in the life of your brand: latest offers, product promotions or, for example, new posts publications in your blog as Umbrella IT does it:

5 Tips to Boost App User Engagement

Regular updates

Regular updated, users’ feedback and steady UX improvement are the factors that help to keep the users engaged in your project.

Last year Umbrella IT launched Life Lapse app for creation of personal time-lapse & stop motion videos. Having received the first user feedback, Umbrella IT focused on the adding functionality. New Life Lapse features are introduced on a regular basis at certain intervals that are determined by the client’s marketing strategy. For example, last month Life Lapse was released on Android as planned.

User value

Finally yet importantly, your app should be of value to your target audience. What can attract the attention of a user? What can push him away?

To answer this question you should clearly define the purpose of your app. Does it educate or sell products? Is it an app for business or for entertainment? The answers may vary, however, one thing is the same: value.

For example, we participated in the development of project designed for people who care about our planet future. Answering the questions of the marketing surveys that the app provided, the users collect points that can be converted into the real money for the real charities. In this case, the value is physical and the user engagement is based on the people feeling nice being involved in making the world a better place.

Do you want to develop a mobile app with a strong user engagement? Contact Umbrella IT right now!

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