5 things to consider when outsourcing app development

Alexey Chalimov
Alexey Chalimov, Founder & CEO at Eastern Peak
Published on Jun 21, 2016 in App Development
5 things to consider when outsourcing app development

Have you got an idea of a mobile application you are inspired to bring to life? Do you face the lack of brilliant people in your area ready to help you? Or maybe those whom you do find ask a fortune?

Well, then probably outsourcing your start-up’s development needs is a perfect solution. It provides a great deal of advantages, but only for those who manage to handle it right. So here are some insight from Eastern Peak Software you should pay very careful attention to so as not to go astray.

Do not entrust too much

Your very first task would be to carefully separate things which can easily be outsourced from those which are better kept intact. For instance, the development of your app as well as its design and marketing strategy could be successfully passed onto the shoulders of your outsourcing team. However, do not be too quick in putting them in charge of some critical tasks or the significant, core decisions. Of course, the idea to shift some responsibilities to somebody else is extremely tempting, but your main concern is the success of your start-up, right?

We’re revealing this and other problems with outsourcing in Eastern Peak Software's blog.

Location does matter

Whether you plan to do business in another state, country or even continent, make sure that the chosen area has sufficient resources. It has to be rich in development talents, otherwise you risk getting stuck. Needless to say, the value for money is to be taken into consideration as well. If it is not reasonable, what is the point of the whole thing?

In addition, the communication counts. The region has to be easily accessible, preferably in the same time zone, but if not then make sure your team adjusts to one particular working time.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Choosing the perfect team can spare your time, money and nerves. This is definitely something you need to do yourself. Talk to every candidate, check their qualifications and experience, test their awareness of the importance of the project, be sure that they have got acquainted with the technical side of the development and are capable of doing it.

Furthermore, do not put too much emphasis on the technical side, as English skills can play a crucial role. Your app will be successful if your team understands it as well as you do and loves it just as much.

Management: either you run the day or the day runs you

Your success is in your own hands, it’s true. Project managers and account managers can ease your work quite a lot, but it’s definitely you who has to be in charge. Surely you can assign the project management team yourself, but if the project of your app is extensive enough, someone needs to be in local control of the situation and this “someone” has to be competent, skillful and, it goes without saying, reliable.

Plus, the methodology of management carries considerable weight: depending on the size of your project, Waterfall or Agile software development helps to manage your project more easily and makes the success of your app one step closer.

Reward sweetens labor

No one wants their achievements to go unnoticed. The best employees are the most motivated ones. If you want your start-up to kick in, make your outsourcing team share this desire. Create a system of bonuses and rewards for great performance and you’ll be surprised to see your project speed up. The remote cooperation definitely needs more personal touch.

Praise your employees for their contributions, make them feel appreciated and soon you’ll see how willing they become to do more for the app. When all sides of the process do their best for the common goal, the victory is inevitable, isn’t it?

Hopefully these simple tips will help you to create a masterpiece out of your mobile application project. Remember, if you take it into your hands, outsourcing can become your key to success. Everything is in your power.

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