5 strategies to re-engage your dormant mobile app users

Gaurav Sabharwal
Gaurav Sabharwal, Co-Founder and Business Head at Saffron Tech
Published on Oct 24, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
5 strategies to re-engage your dormant mobile app users

You are leaving a lot of revenue on the table if you are not actively making efforts to re-engage your dormant app users.

Do you like losing revenue? Of all the things, we are sure you got your mobile app built or created it on your own to generate some kind of revenue for yourself and not the other way around.

Also, if your app users are leaving through the back door as soon as you acquire them, you are actually wasting your marketing and advertising spend. Not to mention all the time that it took you to create a result-driven marketing campaign for gaining exposure for your mobile app, that would be a total waste as well if you can not make your users stay.

Here is an interesting fact, acquiring new users is ten times costlier than retaining existing ones and retained users, with their repeat in-app purchases, usually amount to more than 50% of an app’s total revenue.

You’ll have to make your app engaging, onboard users and present them with relevant content to make them stay but re-engaging inactive users is a different beast altogether but important nonetheless.

Don’t think that there is no way to bring back those dormant users, there actually are plenty of ways to pull them back to your app. So, engage and bring back your dormant app users with the help of the following ways and tap that potential revenue easily. Let’s get into it -

1. Figure out why they left your app in the first place

Figuring out the exact reason why your users are leaving your app is vital when it comes to fully optimize their experience. But there can be more than a thousand reasons why users might delete your app and pinpointing the exact problem why your users are doing so can be a bit hard.

Is your app not engaging users? Are you targeting a wrong audience to market your app too? Or does your app lack some important features that are making your users uninstall your app?

You won’t be able to figure out the exact reason why your users are abandoning your app without some analytical backup. App analytics can help you figure out exactly where your app is creating friction with your users and is making them bounce, enabling you to create a laser-focused plan to fix issues on that particular part of your app. GetSocial is a tool that can help you with that easily.

Another way to figure out where the problem lies with your app is to take a closer look at your app reviews. These reviews will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your app and how adverse the problem is so that you can fix it easily and protect yourself from a bunch of more bounces.

2. Nothing re-engages inactive users better than a Push Notification

Sending push notifications is, hands-down, the best way to re-engage inactive users, only if done correctly.

While it can vary according to the industry you are in, 60% of users usually ‘opt-in’ for push notifications. Don’t annoy them by blasting them a push notification every now and then, chances are your users will uninstall your app that way.

5 strategies to re-engage your dormant mobile app users

Push notifications work best when they are used sparingly, provides relevant information that is of some value to the receiver and is heavily personalized.

For an e-commerce app, a push notification about a flash sale can bring a lot of dormant users back to the app and make some purchases. For a news app, push notifications about a breaking news can do the same… you get the idea.

3. Sending personalized emails is the next best thing

Another great way to engage and pull back inactive users is by sending them personalized emails.

Email is still a great way to reach out to your dormant users and doesn’t require as much thought to it as push notifications.

Just focus on keeping the message personal and exclusive to your inactive users to get the best results. Creating a segment of all your inactive users will help you greatly in sending relevant messages that are specifically targeted to bring them back to your app. Here’s a perfect example from Dropbox -

5 strategies to re-engage your dormant mobile app users

4. Use deep links to take inactive users to the most relevant app screen

Deep links are the equivalent of a normal hyperlink, but for mobile apps. Rather than just bringing users to an app’s homepage, deep links take users to the exact app screen you want them to see.

Like in the re-engagement methods mentioned above, you can add deep links to all your re-engagement efforts to make your inactive users engage with the most relevant page of your app without wasting much of their time and saving them from unnecessary navigation.

You would need help of an able developer to be able to add deep links to all your re-engagement efforts to achieve enhanced results.

5. Social sharing can be your game changer

Letting all your users share their app achievements to their social circles is a great way to garner awareness of your app and bring back inactive users.

It plays on the concept of word-of-mouth and we all know what word-of-mouth can do to the level of awareness and exposure of an app or service. Also, it’s a wonderful strategy to create some social buzz for your app with user generated content.

But make sure you are not forcing users to do it, consider it as an extension of your in-app user experience and let your users do it naturally.

PUBG is a perfect example of social sharing doing the work for them.

5 strategies to re-engage your dormant mobile app users

Whenever a PUBG player levels up or gets a rare item from crates, the app makes a stunning poster for them highlighting their achievement to share with their friends on social media. What it did for them? The game is said to be the epitome of mobile gaming and has amassed more than 400 million players (reportedly, 350 million of them are mobile app users) to their battleground and social sharing has played a big part in generating the kind of global exposure no other game has been able to achieve before.

So, there you go! Try implementing these methods in your own app re-engagement campaigns and let us know how it went for you.

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