5 Significant Ways AI Can Boost the User Experience in Web Apps

Amit Agrawal
Published on Jan 29, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
5 Significant Ways AI Can Boost the User Experience in Web Apps

Artificial intelligence programming is changing everything around us and enhancing our daily life experiences in exciting ways. The idea is to use artificial intelligent development to help improve the different aspects of human life. This includes how people use web applications since web applications are indeed omnipresent in our lives today. Artificial Intelligence software development offers a chance for users to have a much more enjoyable experience when using web applications. In fact, web design and development is one of those areas that can benefit tremendously from the use of artificial intelligence. This is so because AI provides such a wide range of innovation possibilities, thus perfectly matching the consistently increasing expectations of modern users.

Here are some significant ways in which AI can greatly improve user experience and satisfaction in web applications:

E-commerce Applications Can Become Smarter

E-commerce, or online shopping, is one of the most popular types of web applications among users today. It is also one of those web applications where user experience easily ranks as the top priority. Integrating artificial intelligence programming with e-commerce applications, they can do a lot of good. The power of AI can be leveraged to understand the behavior of the application’s customers. This understanding can then be used to tailor customized discount offers and product recommendations for the customers. We need to remember that customers are not the only users of the e-commerce application, the owner and admin of the application are also integral users. AI can improve the application experience for these users by providing assistance in areas like demand forecasting and inventory management.

Engaging Content Can Be Delivered to Users

Content is one of the key ways to grab the attention of web application users. Delivering the right content to the users at the right moment can help users make the right decision. Using artificial intelligence programming, businesses can provide relevant and personalized content to users via web applications. This content could be in any form, articles, videos, or audio. By finding meaningful patterns in the users' behavior, AI can help in rendering tailored and useful content to the users. When users receive content that exactly meets their needs, their interest and trust in the business will naturally increase.

For instance, a user arrives at a web application. This user would have certain expectations that they’re trying to fulfill as they immerse in the experience offered by the application. With artificial intelligence development backing up the application, it will be possible to learn about the needs and preferences of the users. Depending on this learning, the application experience can then be modified for individual users. The specific requirements of each user are thus met by the web application.

More Seamless Interactions with Chatbots

Applying artificial intelligence to chatbots can make the user experience much better by improving the quality of communication and interaction. To put it in simpler words, artificial intelligence can help chatbots perform their tasks more smartly. It will become possible to conduct a smooth communication flow with the chatbot, where the chatbot will be able to provide responses based on their learning from conversations. This way chatbots will come across as human rather than mechanical. Chatbots will no longer simply follow a script or set of commands, they would instead be able to carry out communication with users in a manner that comes across as very real and human. For web applications where the focus on customer care and service is pretty important, chatbots and artificial intelligence together make an ideal combination.

Search Experience Would Get Better

Users are now interested in a search experience that goes beyond the plain old text-based search method. Voice-based search is a powerful, not to mention incredibly convenient, a method of searching. Web applications that offer the facility of voice-based interaction to their users stand a better chance of forming a connection with their user base. A lot of artificial intelligence development efforts are happening now in making voice-based search more and more effortless experience for the users. Artificial intelligence programming in voice-based interactions will focus on evaluating the user’s voice and tone to comprehend what is the intent behind the user’s speech. This is definitely taking voice-based interactions several steps ahead.

Automate UI/UX Related Design Tasks

The interconnection between artificial intelligence and automation is well-understood. AI can be leveraged to automate all those tasks that are tedious or repetitive in nature. Applying automation this way not only relieves the human workers from these monotonous jobs but also ensures consistent quality in the executed tasks. So how does automation by AI factor in when we talk about user interface or user experience design? Well, there are certain techniques in UI and UX design, like self-optimization and A/B testing, that can be automated using artificial intelligence programming. Automation could greatly increase the efficiency of these techniques, which would make a direct positive impact on the quality of the user interface and experience that the techniques are able to achieve.


The way AI software development has quickly gained widespread recognition for the benefits that it is capable of offering, it’s easy to see why artificial intelligence has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. We need this new form of intelligence in our lives today. Moreover, what AI has to offer fits perfectly well into the context of the innovation that we currently need in the UX of web applications. There are many implementations of AI that can do wonders for improving the quality of user experience for web applications.

Through various ways, such as the ones that we have discussed above, artificial intelligence programming is potent enough to begin a new chapter in the kinds of journeys web applications are able to offer to their users. Since brands and businesses keep striving to keep impressing online users, they can analyze the opportunities which are provided by artificial intelligence and take advantage of them for developing their own web applications.

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