5 practices to make users regularly visit your app

Deepak Bhagat
Deepak Bhagat, Co-founder and CCO at APPLIFY
Published on Sep 22, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
5 practices to make users regularly visit your app

There’s a cut-throat competition in the app development industry. Every year thousands of apps are released, each claiming to be better than others. However, only a few of them hit the limelight. Others just vanish into anonymity, leading to a series of interesting questions:

Where’s the difference?

What’s the reason that one app became an overnight success, while the other couldn’t make a mark?

And last but not the least, how to ensure that users frequently visit your app?

For this, you have to keep a few important aspects in mind and some practises that you need to follow. We’ll discuss them all in this post.

Design is the key

If you really want to create an app that keeps your users coming back, you’ve to keep a top-notch design. A user will not completely engage with your app at first. Instead, they will just check its design. If they don’t find that up to the mark, they will just move on. So, focus entirely on the design at the initial stage.

Keep it simple

Users don’t like apps that have a tricky interface and are filled with complexity. They prefer the ones that are simple and feature-rich. If you don’t have the simplicity element in your app, it will be difficult to generate enough user engagement.

What we are trying to say is very basic. Keep your app simple and interactive. Only then users will use it again. Otherwise, they’ll just leave the app.

Customers must have a reason to visit your app again

It is not only a good reputation that makes customers come back again to your app. They need something which tempts them to visit again. Why do you think we keep visiting apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat? To connect with people and remain updated about daily happenings.

So, create your own unique identity to leave an impression on your users that pushes them to drop by again and again.

Make each message personal

If you’re going to create an app, give it a personal touch. A user should feel the app is interactive. So, keep everything casual and personal. Ensure that you’re including their first name in emails. Customize notifications and alerts as per user interests and settings. You have to make them believe that you actually care about their needs.

Keep upgrading your app with new features

You also need to update your app from time to time with new features. This will ensure that the user engagement will remain alive and they will keep using it. Moreover, there are chances that your app will not be bug-free when you push it live for the first time. You need to release patches to fix those bugs.

Also, take customer feedback frequently as app ratings and reviews allow you to keep track. This way, you can make lots of improvements in your app and offer them a better experience.

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