5 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Blockchain Technology

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Feb 08, 2019 in Blockchain Developers Resources
5 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Blockchain Technology

With the development of Blockchain technology, it has now become possible for the unknown parties to come to a consensus on a common digital history. Common digital history is significant because digital transactions and assets can be easily duplicated or faked. With the help of Blockchain technology, this problem has been solved as there is no need for a trusted intermediary

When it comes to Blockchain, it is simply a distributed ledger which is used in a decentralized manner. It grows in the form of a chain like structure which is made of different blocks. Every single block contains information which describes the block which is placed in the chain before it. This information is available in the shape of a cryptographic hash. It is nothing but a unique ID which is in the form of a text string which is generated by taking into consideration a couple of variables, which are as follows:

  • The list of transactions
  • The timestamp which is marked on the current block
  • An identifier to identify the previous block
  • Nonce, which is a variable.

Application of Blockchain

When it comes to the application of Blockchain, it extends way beyond monetary use like in the case of Bitcoin. The blocks of the Blockchain are capable of holding any information, which makes this technology very useful and versatile. Medical records, car titles and various other types of information can be stored in the database of Blockchain. When it comes to maintaining a decentralized database of records which would be transparent, tamper-proof and secure, there Blockchain can prove to be very useful. Here are some of the domains where Blockchain technology is creating an impact.

  • To maintain transparency in voting
  • For the creation of different types of financial instruments
  • Keeping a record of different types of products
  • DIS or Digital Identity System

Now that the readers have some idea about the Blockchain Technology, it is time to explain why it is essential to consider this technology as one of the most effective and efficient mechanism when it comes to storing data for mobile application developers.

Reasons for Considering Blockchain Technology

Over the years Blockchain technology has gained tremendous popularity because of a couple of unique features it has. These days, even mobile application developers are using this technology. Here are a couple of factors for which it needs to be considered

Transparency: This is one of the primary reasons as to why Blockchain technology has become so popular. Out of different other technologies that are available in the market, it is said to be the most transparent one. All the participants involved get to have knowledge of the ledger. With the help of this technology, it is possible for all the participants to keep a close eye on the transaction which is ongoing. Every single thing is being displayed clearly on the network.

The chances for any sorts of discrepancy are virtually zero. This is one of the aspects that have made Blockchain technology such a popular one. It is the transparency factor which has been missing from other types of technologies that are used for the same purpose. Blockchain has made sure that the entire process is being carried out transparently.

Security: There is no need to mention that there are thousands of hackers who are waiting to intrude into a network for different types of malicious reasons. Block already comes with a strong security mechanism; however, it has promised that in the days to come the security arrangements would be even stronger and robust. In this technology, information is stored in the block, and all the blocks are connected with each other.

Therefore, when it comes to hacking Blockchain, it can be quite a difficult task. It also needs to be mentioned that there is no point in hacking Blockchain. This technology has been designed in such a manner that once it gets hacked, all the information stored in the blocks gets damaged. With full proof security and more to come, Blockchain has emerged as one of the most popular and demanded technologies around when it comes to storing data.

Inexpensive: This is another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration as far as Blockchain technology is concerned. When it comes to the conventional models of a transaction, they are quite expensive. Blockchain, on the other hand, is quite inexpensive. There is no need to construct offices or pay commission for financial services.

The fact that it is inexpensive and also offers transparency makes it one of the most popular technologies. When it comes to storing data, that too which are very delicate in nature, it used to be an expensive one. However, with the advent of Blockchain technology, it has now become possible to store data efficiently and at the same time make sure that the cost of storing is not too high.

Secure Platform: A new model of the digital network is being offered by Blockchain, which is strong enough to compensate for the discrepancies in other traditional networks. This technology provides a secured platform to all the parties for obtaining the value for their creation. There are different ways by which they can get the credits for their work. Some of the reasons to trust this technology are:

  • Digital Certification
  • Certification of Authenticity
  • Ownership, and others

There are many music companies from all over the world, who are letting their artists get their works registered through Blockchain so that they can get their payment first. These artists have permission to upload their work over the network, use digital signature and watermark as well. This will enable them to have ownership of their work, and they also get pay for it.

Preventing of Payment Scams: When it comes to preventing online payment scams, Blockchain technology has proven to be quite useful. This is one aspect that has made it so popular and unique. Both the buyers and sellers can use the option of smart contract when it comes to buying and selling products. One of the main reasons as to why Blockchain is so powerful is because a coin can't be used once it is spent.

It has proven to be extremely efficient when it comes to preventing corruption. In this technology, every this tracked and accounted for. As a result, there are minimal chances for any types of corruptions or discrepancies. There is another reason that makes this technology so secured. It is the fact that when a transaction takes place, both the parties need to submit a digital signature. This helps to prevent all kinds of frauds and corruptions.


Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the safest and efficient mechanism. The fact that it is inexpensive and at the same time prevents frauds and corruption makes it a highly effective one. With the incorporation of new security measures, Blockchain will be one of the most reliable and authentic technology in the future. Even today, there is a huge demand for Blockchain and companies are diversifying from other forms to it. For those who are planning to hire android developer online, they can benefit a lot from this technology.

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