5 Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Feature in an App

Akansha Pandey
Published on Oct 17, 2019 in App Development
5 Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Feature in an App

Without any doubt, customer service is the primary concern of any business. Quality customer service plays a crucial role in the growth of the business and expanding the customer base. Customers don’t just associate with sales but they are also acting as the best marketing tool in spreading the word about your services or products. When it comes to your mobile app, providing good support describes your association with your customers and helps you eventually boost your business. One of the major challenges that customers face in online shopping is being detached from personnel who can respond to their questions exactly and on time. But now businesses can resolve this matter by providing the customers with an engaging experience using the live chat feature in an app.

In this write-up, we will discuss the considerable aspects and benefits of integrating live chat in an app to help you get a superior understanding of it. With this post, you can conclude that a live chat option is right for your business and how it relates to your business requirements.

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How you can improve your customer service with live chat support?

In this highly competitive digital era, everyone looks for ease and speedy results. Hence, adapting to this dynamic environment and providing on-time solutions set you ahead from your competitors. Most of the research in the industry reveals that customers appreciate the timely and accessible support. Instant and helpful customer service is one of the key inputs of business and profits, besides marketing.

It is one of the delight prospects to attract potential customers. Using this option, you can provide an outstanding service to your customers then none of your competitors will be able to take them away. In spite of this, many companies fail to provide a specific level of services to their customers and potential customers.

Live chat provides 70 percent more satisfaction levels for any customer service channel. It offers the highest customer retention rate compared to email and phone support. Also, the American Marketing Association found an average boost of 20 percent on conversions for B2B companies using live chat.

5 Key benefits of Integrating Live Chat Feature in an App


Live chat option increases the competence by allowing the live chat executive to handle numerous chats at the same time, thus businesses don’t need to hire more agents for the client.

  • This option increases the standard order value since customers get immediate recommendations and answers to some questions they might have. Customers can resolve their queries about the product return and other issues with the help of a live chat option. You can also help your customers to pick the right product or service, which suits the customer requirements, thus he or she will be contented with it.
  • It reduces the whole helpdesk center costs by lowering the waiting time as compared to a call center. In addition, a live chat option provides full-time support to the customers and that too at free of cost.

Better conversion rates

Clients who engage in live chat are somehow more likely to convert than those who don’t use live chat option. People are often looking for options where they can ask for solutions and this is where option live chat option comes to role. When people’s queries are resolved, they tend to feel more secure in their purchases and whatever they purchase. If customers have a query or are puzzled, they can right away talk to someone about it as an alternative to leaving the website altogether. As an outcome, the bounce rate on your app is much lower than before. Multiple studies have confirmed that live chat can increase conversion rates.

An Edge over Your Competitors

Live chat is the option that many businesses are still not using on their applications. By integrating the live chat option on your site, you have the chance to stay ahead of your competitors and offer your customers something innovative. Live chat can not only help you to provide outstanding customer service but also adds life to your online business.

A better way to connect with customers

With the help of a live chat option in your mobile application, you can get to know your customers in a better way. Live chat helps businesses to know more about consumer behavior and other details such as their location to help them with targeted marketing and support efforts. In this manner, you can also collect customer feedback and gives you a precious opportunity to ask visitors the appropriate questions and get their opinion, to help you recognize the trending sales approach.

New Marketing tool

Live chat option integration in the mobile app acts as a marketing tool. The chat offers new potential for up-selling and pushing out targeted incentives and discounts. Agents can make more appropriate marketing offers using live chat by using alerts that show when a VIP or regular customer arrives on your application. A live chat feature makes certain that the customers stay on your app for a longer time, thus improving their probability of making a purchase.


Live chat software is an effectual way to communicate with your target audience. This way, you can provide a false, high level, end to end customer support overall communication channels to your customers. You need to have an app to reach your prospective customers and connect with them, but at the similar time, it is significant to make sure they receive instant and expert support services regarding their purchases or queries. If they do, they will certainly recommend your services or products to their peers. A live chat feature, thus, is a must for every application. It simplifies the customer service but also makes sure that they are always satisfied.

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